VW Sharan 2019 Review, Price and Specs

Tuesday, April 4th 2017. | Volkswagen

Sharan means Carrier of Kings in Persia that reflects the specs of VW Sharan 2019. Practical, flexible, high performance and excellent capabilities are what customers get from Sharan.

VW Sharan 2019 Get New Equipment

VW Sharan 2019 belongs to multipurpose car to do many tasks for casual or special projects. You might be familiar with carrier car that sends stuff from post office or shipping office. This is kind of car which is used to bring stuff to the right destination.

People call this car as MPV or multipurpose car. It is also good to carry more passengers. The design is practical, but it looks sporty with bold frame. The engine receives upgrade form previous model. The next part will show you more about Sharan.

The Design and Features of VW Sharan 2019

VW Sharan 2019 uses long wheelbase to give more spaces inside the car. At front side, you see WV emblem alongside tight headlamp. Manufacturer improves this lamp to get the better visibility.

From outside, this car looks like combination between triangle and rectangle shape. In geometry, such shape is called as trapezoid that reduces air force when you drive for long journey. The shape helps driver to maneuver easily in crowded situation, especially for carrier car that needs to be faster to reach the destination.

Inside this car, you will find seats in three rows. Seven to eight people are able to sit together, including driver. At backside, the baggage space is ready to put many things. The seats can be folded to give more space. Moreover, the seats are available in high-grade leather to keep you comfortable.

VW Sharan 2019 Interior Cabin

Another part is the feature that includes the display at front part, indicator panels, entertainment tools, and steering control. You may find navigation to support journey. Another feature involves safety measurements such as anti-lock braking, blind spot monitoring, lane sensor, etc.

Engine and Price of VW Sharan 2019

The engine is the most important part for VW Sharan 2019. Volkswagen uses two types of engine: gasoline and diesel. For gasoline, the engine capacities are 1.4 and 2.0 liter with powertrain of 114 and 197 horsepower respectively. Meanwhile, the diesel engine is 2.0 liter with capacity 168 horsepower with high fuel efficiency.

First generation of Sharan went on market in 1995 to compete with other Europe MPW. Volkswagen refined this car into second generation with new platform at 2010. Facelift of new model had been introduced in 2015. In 2019, this car is expected to get new design and upgrade.

How much VW Sharan? Initial price starts from $29,000 and it goes higher according to more specs and trims. As you know, the car is available in Europe and hardly in United States or Asia. Therefore, VW Sharan 2019 is still the excellent vehicle to carry lots of stuff and people at once.

VW Sharan 2019 New Model Revealed VW Sharan 2019 Release Date Prediction

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