VW Sharan 2018 Price, Release Date and Specs

Monday, February 20th 2017. | Volkswagen

Impressive design is one of the feature that are quite popular among the next generation car. In addition to good specification the latest VW Sharan 2018 will be having improvement on the car exterior and interior design. This means the body design are upgraded to make it looks much more interesting without subtracting any practicality of the design. For you who are interested in this new VW Sharan then here are some of the information about it.

VW Sharan 2018 Get New Equipment

VW Sharan 2018 Exterior and Interior Redesign

For the exterior, there are several major improvement that will be focused on. The first one of the taillight design which now presented with LED marker pens and also better design. There are also metal hues that integrated with the color of the car design making it more appealing and stylish. The design of the car will now looks shiny and also stylish which offer interesting appeal VW fans.

For the interior we will be greeted with major black color design that look modern and also minimalist. The mechanism of the seating making the car much more interesting and also comfortable. Additionally, the larger cockpit will also make the car much more interesting and also stylish. In overall the comfort and also the design of the interior are quite appealing and have great style just like any VW car.

VW Sharan 2018 Engine specs and changes

The engine for this VW Sharan 2018 will be using TSI engine, this engine will be having a specs of 1, 4 liter engine can capable of generating 150 horsepower as well 137 lb-ft torque. This engine is not the only option because there are also other TSI engine with 2, 0 liter specification and offering us with 162 horsepower. Additionally, there are also turbo edition which specs and information are not clear yet.

VW Sharan 2018 Price, Release date and Safety Features

Last but not least, is the information about the price and release date of this car, there are not enough information to determine when this car will be released exactly. However, according to the plan is that that this car will be released on the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018. For the price itself, there are not enough information about it. The best we can predict is that this car will be priced for $38.000 price.

Finally, the safety features of this car will be applied just as any other standard next generation car. Usually next generation car will introduce airbags system that are improved and safer. The same can be said for this car, and to make this car even safe is that it will also have sensor system for parking and driving. Which will improve the overall safety of the new VW Sharan 2018.

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