VW Amarok 2019 Price, Specs and Review

Monday, April 3rd 2017. | Pickup Trucks, Volkswagen

Pickup vehicle is tough market to compete and Volkswagen understands it completely. New VW Amarok 2019 is ready to show high capability in this segment. It will attract more customers.

VW Amarok 2019 V6 Blue Colors

VW Amarok 2019 belongs to pickup truck produced by German automaker, Volkswagen. The name may sound strange, but it has meaning as wolf. Volkswagen is one of prominent companies in car industry which takes major position on the market share. With this car, company tries to enter pickup truck that’s full of products from US and Japan companies.

This car was introduced in 2007 as concept and officially produced three years later in 2010. From this information, this car is still new but everyone cannot underestimate Volkswagen. Pickup truck is not their turf, but the capability and performance of Amarok can match with existing competitors.

The Design of VW Amarok 2019

VW Amarok 2019 has bold and sporty design to represent pickup segment. You can distinguish this car from other via VW emblem at the front part. The door handle is in Chrome to give appealing look. You can pick standard or double cab to fulfil your preference.

Comfortable and convenient feel is the top priority which is very important when driving pickup vehicle. The seats are available in high-grade leather and steering panels come up with clear indicator. You may see the display at front dashboard with several applications.

Manufacturer puts some safety measures. There are anti-lock braking, seatbelt, airbags, some sensors, and navigation. Some entertainment panels are ready as well to deliver pleasurable journey that integrated in this car.

Engine and Price of VW Amarok 2019

The engine of VW Amarok 2019 has two types: gasoline and diesel. Gasoline engine has capacity 2.0 liter that produces 148 horsepower. Company puts much effort to develop diesel engine then introduces new tech with high fuel efficiency. The diesel engine consists of two capacities: 2.0 and 3.0 liter.

VW Amarok 2019 V6 Revealed in South Africa

Pickup truck is the car for carrying stuff, towing, lifting, or any heavy duty. Research showed diesel engine is more efficient than gasoline, but it is still not good when comes into air pollutant. New technology from VW is able to reduce this matter into safety level.

2.0-liter engine has ability to exhaust 177 horsepower and 3.0 liter is for 221 horsepower. This difference gives customers two choices between performance and ability. When you need the car to heavy duty and long journey, the bigger engine is better. VW Amarok is also good for daily transportation in 2.0-liter engine.

The car is already on market since 2010 which makes the recent model is ready to launch. You may visit local authorized dealer for the price inquiry. Starting price is approximately $32,000. Several factors involve when determining the price. Well, just enjoy the ultimate driving after   VW Amarok 2019 is on your garage.

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