VW Amarok 2018 USA Price, Specs and Review

Sunday, February 19th 2017. | Pickup Trucks, Volkswagen

VW or Volkswagen is one of the well-known and famous car developer that has been known to develop many stylish and classy car. Their latest product which is dubbed as VW Amarok 2018 is just one of the examples of their great feat. This new car from Volkswagen will be introducing many improvement that will make the car much more reliable. For you who are interested and want to know about the latest product from VW here are some of the information about it.

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VW Amarok 2018 Exterior and Interior Redesign

The improvement of VW Amarok will take place into several parts of the car. One of them is the exterior design, this new features is one of the focus that want to be amplified by VW. The improvement of the exterior can be seen on the new and stylish design that the body design has to offer. New front grille and also chrome accent and also LED light system is several improvement this car has to offer.

Other than the exterior design, we can also expect great things from the car interior as well. VW Amarok new interior design will be much more stylish and also comfortable as well with new leather and fabric material added into the fray. In addition to the material, we can also expect new seating mechanism that will allow for maximum versatility. There are also improvement on the navigation system, audio and entertainment system as well.

VW Amarok 2018 Engine Specs and Changes

VW Amarok will absolutely having new and improved engine just like any other Volkswagen car. The new engine that will be applied is going to be TDI engine with 2 L specification, there are also alternate 4, 4 Liter V8 engine as well. For the first engine it can generate 180 horsepower and supported with 6 speed manual transmission system. While the second engine is capable of 420 horsepower and coupled with 8 speed automatic transmission system.

VW Amarok 2018 Price, Release date and Safety Features

With the new improvement and also features that is happening into this new VW Amarok, it will be normal to see new price for this pickup truck. The price of this car are not clear yet, but for the prediction we expect that it will be ranged from $56.000. While the price tag can be predicted by looking at the information of the car specification, it will be different for the car release date. There are no information regarding the car release date except it will be planned to be released on 2018.

For the safety features, this car will be applied with advanced new features ranged from airbags system for the interior. The outer side of the car will be applied with sensor system that allow for safer riding. Of course there are more than meets the eyes. However the information about the safety features of the new VW Amarok 2018 is not really complete, therefore we can only wait for more info.

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