Mazda RX7 2019 Concept, Price and Release Date

Monday, April 3rd 2017. | Mazda, Sports Cars

Most of sport cars incorporate sleek and aerodynamic layout. With improved rotary engine, Mazda RX7 2019 uses slim exterior and clean interior.

Mazda RX7 2019 Concept Revealed

Mazda RX7 2019 is part of RX-Vision series that is proudly introduced during Tokyo Auto Show few years back. During this major event, Mazda emphasizes the introduction on the car layout and superior engine used in it. The automaker claims that they added enhanced rotary engine under the hood of this sport car. Aside from the aerodynamic layout, this engine configuration is able to support the car performance.

The Detail Layout of Mazda RX7 2019

Automobile market for the sport car segment is filled with vehicle that adopted both sleek and aerodynamic layout. Such layout is ideal option for car who wants to achieve high standard of efficient performance. In order to present sport car with superior performance and appearance, Mazda add several innovation to the base layout. From the exterior, the car has outstanding appearance that will make the car stand out on the road.

As the exterior design concerned, you can see that Mazda RX7 2019 has low degree angle of windshield. The windshield design is not only improve aerodynamic aspect of the car, but also its give futuristic appearance as well. Since it incorporates low roof, the wheel looks standout for the entire layout of the car.

Other noticeable thing about the exterior layout of this sport car is the radiator grille. Instead of using old-school stripe design, it uses grid pattern with company logo in the middle. The unique shape of this grille continues to the headlamps, which is barely noticeable due to its narrow design. The overall layout design of it makes the car looks ahead of time.

Mazda RX7 2019 Vision Concept First Look

When it comes to the detail layout of Mazda RX7 2019, you should also talk about the cabin interior. For the cabin design, Mazda decided to go with clean design and combination of black and red color theme. Due to the low roof design, the cabin is only able to accommodate up to two people.

Rotary Engine and Price Tag of Mazda RX7 2019

Even though the official announcement about the engine configuration is still in the dark, interesting rumor starts to spread out. It is rumored that this futuristic vehicle will use rotary engine as alternative for turbocharged engine. The rumor said that this innovation is able to achieve high rate of fuel efficiency and reducing bad emission significantly.

It is no longer a secret that it will hit the market on May along with the 50th anniversary celebration. Base trim for this car is calculated up to $35,000. Meanwhile, the upgraded model of Mazda RX7 2019 is probably going somewhere around $60,000.

Mazda RX7 2019 Sports Car Interior Mazda RX7 2019 Concept Release Date