Mazda 2 2019 Review and Price in USA

Sunday, April 2nd 2017. | Hatchback, Mazda

Mazda is popular company in automotive industry for simple yet powerful cars. One of them is Mazda 2 2019 that becomes the top selling car for hatchback segment.

Mazda 2 2019 Sedan Facelift

Mazda 2 2019 will be one of hatchback variants that everyone eagers to know. In 1996, Mazda introduced this car as Demio and collaborated with prominent company to supply the engine. 2019 model is still part of fourth generation which is officially launched in 2014. Several alterations might not look significant, but customers can still see the differences.

For your information, this car comes in two types. In certain countries, Mazda 2 is designed in sedan, hatchback, or both of them. The specs are similar and the only difference is backside which the hatchback is flat. You will explore more about this car in the following section.

Mazda 2 2019 Design and Features

Discussing this car will consist of three aspects. There are design, engine, and price where everyone wants to know more about them, especially for Mazda 2 2019. From exterior side, you can see the combination between simple and elegant touch. It is the car for city or medium driving.

Aft front grille, there are Mazda emblem and two headlamps with LED light. They increase the visibility when you drive in harsh condition such as in the mist, fog, snow, or night. Fog lamp is also available at the below section.

It’s compact car for up to five passengers including driver. The seats are two rows and each of them uses the high-grade leather to keep it comfortable. For sedan model, you may find long space to put baggage on the back.

At front dashboard, the display is ready to supply important information and material. Driver can check the car condition, such as sensor, camera, etc. The indicators and signs are in LED light to give clearer sight, so driver does not find difficulty to recognize them.

Mazda 2 2019 Sedan Interior

Mazda 2 is more than hatchback for city driving because several entertainment panels are installed. There are USB port and Bluetooth. This car is prominent in Asia where people need the reliable yet easy handling. The engine will be explored in the next section.

Engine of Mazda 2 2019

Mazda 2 2019 variant uses 1.5liter engine to boost the powertrain up to 100 HP approximately. This number might be smaller than SUV or sport car, but it’s enough to support daily basis activity. The engine uses gasoline for fuel and Mazda 2 is the top vehicle in high efficiency level.

Its transmission is six-automatic. To increase the safety aspect, Mazda puts safety belt and airbags. Some sensor will work to detect parking, lane, and other car around. These specs are enough to fulfill what you need for safety measure.

The car is already on market which customers can get it immediately. Initial price starts from $15,000. You may visit local dealer for fixed price due to difference factors in each country. Therefore, Mazda 2 2019 will be the top choice when you require the high performance and easy handling vehicle.

Mazda 2 2019 Hatchback FaceliftMazda 2 2019 Sport Black Edition

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