Hyundai i20 2019 Release Date in India and Interior Specs

Thursday, March 30th 2017. | Hatchback, Hyundai

Upgraded version of its system is integrated on the car. Several additional features are also added to make Hyundai i20 2019 feels comfortable.

Hyundai i20 2019 Hatchback Front Angle

Hyundai i20 2019 is introduced as new car type with several new technologies. The technologies added for this car becomes the main attraction for the consumers. The dimension of the car is somewhere in between average car and smart car. Due to this compact size, the car is suitable for people who like to have practical vehicle.

Complete Layout of Hyundai i20 2019

Nothing is more attractive for consumers than car with unique exterior and interior layout. This time, Hyundai brings interesting concept of compact car with new technology. The technology added in the car promise practical use and comfortable feeling. Based on the introduction of this car, Hyundai wants to set new trend of futuristic car concept.

The most interesting part about this compact car lies on the grille design located on the front section. The grille of Hyundai i20 2019 is designed to blend smoothly with the bumpers. On the first glance, you might think that it does not have front bumper at all. The creative team of Hyundai places the bumper in smart way to hide it from the plain sight.

New technology implemented on the car layout can be found on the selection of door type. It combines conventional door design with sliding door. As result from this combination, it grants wide entry to the cabin of the car. In order to emphasize the futuristic impression, the transition of both door types is barely visible from the outside.

Hyundai i20 2019 SUV in India

The only downside from the futuristic concept is the space available on the cabin. Due to the compact exterior design, the cabin of Hyundai i20 2019 has limited space. Even though the front seat has decent headroom for passenger, the rear seat is rather cramped. For those of you who happen to have slim figure, this car is probably the best pick.

Price for Hyundai i20 2019

Even though the car design is released, Hyundai keeps the engine configuration under secret. According to the rumor, it has something to do with the development stage of the car. It is only natural for new technology to be kept hidden before the release date is coming. Hyundai marketing team said that the product would hit Indian and Chinese market on the October 2019.

As it goes with engine specification, the price has not been set yet. Most people calculate that it will not far from other smart car with new technology. You have to prepare for about $6,000 in order to bring Hyundai i20 2019 home.

Hyundai i20 2019 Hatchback Rear Angle Hyundai i20 2019 Active Interior