Hyundai i20 2018 Review, Price and Release Date

Friday, February 10th 2017. | Hatchback, Hyundai

The new car that is going to get many improvement is the new Hyundai i20 2018 series. This car has been known to be having several improvement that will make the car even better. Several improvement that are going to be applied into this car ranges from the new engine and also exterior with changes on the interior as well. These are the improvement that will take place into this car upcoming features.

Hyundai i20 2018 Model in India

Hyundai i20 2018 Exterior and Interior Redesign

The exterior of this car will be having several improvement that will be focusing on making the car looks appealing and unique. The most interesting improvement can be seen on the car front side which offer appealing body design. The new lamp design offer a sharp and unique design while the front grille give this car masculine look

On the other hand, the car interior will feature new and larger interior design which makes this car even more comfortable. Several interesting improvement can be seen on the inside of the car such as new entertainment system and also some high tech features. This can be seen in the form of Wi-Fi features and also 7 inches of touch screen system on the car cockpit.

Hyundai i20 2018 Engine Specs and Changes

So what about the car engine and spec changes? This is maybe one of the best improvement that will be undergoing in this Hyundai i20 2018 as the new engine is much more reliable and powerful than its predecessor. The engine used is rumored to be a turbocharged engine with 1 liter and 3 cylinder engine. This engine is an advanced turbo GDi system and able to generate 99 horsepower.

Hyundai i20 2018 Price, Release date and Safety Features

As for the information of the price and also release date, there are not enough information from the official side about the price and also release date. However, as some people expecting this car is going to be released on the year of 2018, which can also be much faster on the end of 2017. On the other hand, the price itself is expected to be at the range price of $17.000 due to its specifications.

With all of the features that are applied into this car, of course some of us want to know what kinds of safety features that this car will be having. According to some information that we can gather, this car will be having newly and more advanced airbag system for the interior safety precaution. In addition some sensor system, in the form of collision detection system, and parking system will also be embellished into this new Hyundai i20 2018 car.

Hyundai i20 2018 Price in India Hyundai i20 2018 Active Interior Hyundai i20 2018 Hatchback Front Angle Hyundai i20 2018 Hatchback Rear Angle

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