Hyundai i10 2019 Model, Price and Release Date

Wednesday, March 29th 2017. | Hatchback, Hyundai

Futuristic concept becomes a new automobile trend lately. Hyundai i10 2019 is one of the car with modern technology.

Hyundai i10 2019 Hatchback Front Angle

Hyundai i10 2019 is flagship product of Hyundai designed to follow the trend of futuristic car design. The car might seem like other hatchback cars in general. However, the car includes modern technology in order to satisfy the consumers need. The target for this car is middle market segment who want to have futuristic car.

What You Can Expect from Hyundai i10 2019

Even though futuristic car is popular, implementing the concept into hatchback is rather complicated. However, Hyundai manages to complete this difficult task successfully. This car series is not only having great exterior and interior design, but also modern impression as well. The manufacturer of this futuristic car decides to use pearl color as the single option provided.

The design for radiator grille for Hyundai i10 2019 is different from most cars of the same manufacturer. This radiator grille is located slightly lowered on the same level of fog lamp. Meanwhile, the company logo can be found just below the transition to the hood. Due to this interesting design, the car can only include small bumper design.

Despite it has small bumper, it does not reduce the modern impression intended for the car. The exterior design of the car is mostly using pearl color with black accent on the lower part of the door. The vehicle dimension is considered as standard for hatchback. This accent improves modern impression for the entire exterior layout.

Hyundai i10 2019 Price in India

Due to the exterior dimension of Hyundai i10 2019, the interior provides spacious amount headroom and legroom. Contrary to the exterior, interior of this car uses material with black color. The material used from the car interior is coming from above-average standard. Therefore, it is able to create pleasant ambiance for people who wish to drive with this car.

Secret Engine Configuration of Hyundai i10 2019

When it comes to keeping company secret, nothing can beat Hyundai. This manufacturer keeps their engine specification from public access. That being said, some of the component is already leaked to the market. Regardless the information is true or not, the rumor said that Hyundai uses about 1.25-liter engine.

There are different predictions about the release date. Some said it would soon available due to the trend of futuristic car. However, the rest predict that it would be available on the last quarter since the engine specification still requires development. One thing that you can be sure is that the Hyundai i10 2019 will probably offered at $6,000.

Hyundai i10 2019 with Red ColorHyundai i10 2019 Hatchback Interior

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