2019 Toyota Sequoia Platinum Redesign and Release Date

Sunday, April 2nd 2017. | Crossover & SUVs, Toyota

If you want high performance SUV, 2019 Toyota Sequoia is the right answer. It is the car with bold and sporty appearance to handle any task on journey.

2019 Toyota Sequoia SUV Spy Photo

2019 Toyota Sequoia is full-size SUV from Toyota to fulfill mid-level segment. In general, there are two full-size SUV in market which bring Toyota emblem. The first one is this car and the other is Land Rover. However, Land Rover belongs to premium category which is in different segment from Sequoia.

First generation of this car was introduced in 2001. Well, 2019 will be put in second generation which was initiated in 2007. Toyota adds upgrades in several aspects such as design, instrument, engine, and features to enhance car’s capability. This car is recommended when you need high utility vehicle with sporty appearance.

Design of 2019 Toyota Sequoia

From exterior aspect, 2019 Toyota Sequoia has bold and masculine characteristic. It can be seen from front grille, wheel, and backside. Toyota emblem is placed at front alongside iconic background and headlamp. LED lights are available at front and back to give vibrant visibility.

The seats are in three rows with the maximum capacity for eight people, including driver. At front dashboard, the display is installed to deliver useful information and application to maintain car capability. You will see navigation, USB port, and some entertainment panels to enjoy journey.

The seats are stitched with high quality leather and the seatbelts are ready to keep safety from accident or collision. Other safety measures are airbags, lane departure, hill assistant, blind spot monitoring, anti-lock braking, and parking sensor. The car is also capable for towing caravan and lifting object at the roof.

Technical Specs for 2019 Toyota Sequoia

2019 Toyota Sequoia uses engine with capacity 5.7 liter and it consumes gasoline as fuel. This engine is able to exhaust more than 350 horsepower or 381 horsepower as average powertrain. For your information, powertrain in SUV might change while driving depends on the way driver does. This engine is enough to fulfill any driving condition on the road, even for mountain or hill journey.

2019 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4WD

This car came after Tundra, which Toyota puts on hold due to excess lineup in SUV segment. It still uses similar concept, but receives upgrade from steering panel and transmission. Toyota puts six-automatic transmission to make driver easy to handle it in harsh situation. Even though the transmission is automatic, it has manual shifting.

The latest generation of Sequoia is still available on market, so you may expect 2019 will be ready the following year. There are three variants: SR5, limited, and platinum. Initial price for SR5 is $45,500 and for limited, it starts from $54,320. If you want advanced specs of 2019 Toyota Sequoia, Platinum variant is available with the price of $62,000.

2019 Toyota Sequoia SUV Release Date 2019 Toyota Sequoia Interior