2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Redesign and Review

Sunday, April 2nd 2017. | Crossover & SUVs, Toyota

Most SUVs takes advantage of collaborate powerful engine with muscular layout. The 2019 Toyota Highlander is one of those SUVs.

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2019 Toyota Highlander promises to their loyal customers several improvements implemented on its specs. As an SUV designed for off-road purposes, this vehicle incorporates muscular layout on its exterior design. This interesting concept is not merely an impression, but also supported by powerful engine specification as well. The result for this concept is remarkable achievement that is hard to beat.

Muscular Design of 2019 Toyota Highlander

The word attractive is probably the best way to describe the muscular exterior design of this off-road car. When it comes for muscular design, front fascia and radiator grille always get more attention. Along with its big dimension, the car has horizontal grille with stripe accent to emphasize the manufacturer logo. The grille connected to the headlamps, while the bumper underneath it connected to the fog lamps.

Aside from the muscular design on the front view, the same idea can be found on the side as well. The rim has dense radius coated in silver chrome layer serves as good addition to the muscular design. This 18 inch of alloy makes side view of 2019 Toyota Highlander looks outstanding. Instead of separating the windows, Toyota decided to use seamless glass on the side.

Due to its bigger dimension, the cabin interior is more spacious. Since it is able to accommodate three rows of seats, the car is highly recommended as family car. The front and middle seat offers sufficient headroom and legroom. The rear row has less space than previous rows, makes it good for storing goods.

2019 Toyota Highlander Interior

Talking about storing goods, the cabin of 2019 Toyota Highlander is filled with storages. You can store your smartphone along with its charger on the front and middle rows. Cup holders can be found in all rows, including the rear one. Storing items in the cabin of this spacious car will no longer be a problem.

Powerful Engine of 2019 Toyota Highlander

Intended for off-road use, it is only natural if this series is using powerful engine under the hood. Over 270 horsepower of power on this car is supplied by 3.5 liter of V6 engine. This engine configuration in particular is also able to provide 148 lb-ft of torque.

After reading the description of this off-road vehicle, you probably interested to purchase it. Unfortunately, you need to wait until further notice about the official release date. Since the base model of 2019 Toyota Highlander might start about $30,000, the modified model will probably reach over $55,000.

2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Redesign 2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Review