2019 Subaru Legacy Release Date, Redesign, Changes

Thursday, April 13th 2017. | Subaru

Subaru is not new company in automotive industry, especially in premium and advanced vehicle. 2019 Subaru Legacy is one of company’s flagships to fulfill what customers need the most from mid-size car.

2019 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Sport

2019 Subaru Legacy is one of mid-size vehicles from Japan automaker. First generation of Legacy was lunched on market in 1989 and Subaru introduces sixth generation in 2014. This car competes fiercely in mid-size market with other automakers from Europe, Japan, and US Company

This car has sedan design to fulfill medium segment between compact car and saloon. On market, Subaru Legacy is at the similar segment with Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima. In past time, Legacy used hatchback model, but it is redesigned to attract more customers.

Design and Features of 2019 Subaru Legacy

From exterior point of view, you will see elegant and bold design which represents Subaru characteristics. At front grille, Subaru emblem is placed elegantly alongside the headlamp. This car already uses LED light to increase visibility.

2019 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited

Subaru applies advanced aerodynamic contour to reduce air tension when the car is in high driving mode. At rear side, LED light supports the car to exhaust visible warning alert to give clear sight to the other driver. Tailpipes and rear bumper are in single mode and several colors are available to give more choices.

2019 Subaru Legacy has two rows for seats to put five people including driver. Manufacturer uses high-grade material to put as seat cover. You will feel the ultimate comfort when sitting and driving inside the car for long time.

Other features are digital and electronic panels and instruments. At front dashboard, the display is ready with new technology from Subaru. For your information, Subaru develops specific tech that integrates every panel and application inside the car.

2019 Subaru Legacy GT Interior Dashboard

The features include lane warning, blind spot sensor, weather control, and adaptive cruise control. This car has airbags and seatbelt to keep safety in check. Entertainment panels are available to connect smartphone into speaker or using USB.

Engine and Estimated Price for 2019 Subaru Legacy

The engine of 2019 Subaru Legacy consists of two capacities: 2.5 and 3.6 liter. The first capacity is able to exhaust 175 horsepower and the second one is about 256 horsepower. This car has decent acceleration ability that takes only eight to nine second to reach 100 km/h from zero.

Subaru provides this car in several variants such as premium, sport, and limited edition. Each of them has similar engine, but they are different in trim level. You can contact local dealer for further information.

Legacy is ready on market, so customers can order it immediately. Initial price starts from $22,500 and the higher variant takes more money. The price depends on many factors such as sale area, taxes, specs, trim levels, etc. Well, 2019 Subaru Legacy will be your favorite car at all.

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