2019 Lexus GS 350 Redesign, Release Date, Specs

Thursday, April 13th 2017. | Lexus

Lexus is well knows as automaker that produces luxury cars in various segment. 2019 Lexus GS 350 is one of their flagships with new upgrade for technology and engine.

2019 Lexus GS 350 F Sport Redesign

2019 Lexus GS 350 is one of top premium vehicles in mid-size segment. It is sedan from Lexus to fulfill demand for high performance and luxury aspect. This car was introduced as Aristo before Lexus brand was initiated by Toyota. Until know, this sedan is still able to attract more people to buy.

Mid-size car is the segment between entry level and saloon, which several brands to compete fiercely. Lexus uses GS model to bring what premium car should be with combination between elegant design and advanced engine. New technology is already installed to boost the capability. You will explore more about it in the following sections.

The Design of 2019 Lexus GS 350

Elegant, bold, and sporty look is what people see from 2019 Lexus GS 350. At front grille, iconic Lexus emblem stays with dynamic background layer. This car has new LED headlamp with tight design and fog lamp at below. LED increases the visibility of the car when you drive in harsh situation such as at night, snow, rain, mist, and fog.

2019 Lexus GS 350 F Sport Price

Lexus puts much effort to improve the cabin in order to make passengers and driver feel comfortable. The car uses seats in two rows and they are able to be occupied by four people, including driver. Each of seats has seatbelt as safety measure. High-grade leather covers each of seats to give the luxury touch inside cabin.

Now, it is time to look closer for panels and instrument. This car uses 12-inch display screen at front with touchscreen mode. Driver can access applications on the display to get many benefits such as navigation, weather forecast, camera control, etc. Several indicators are available to support your journey.

2019 Lexus GS 350 F Sport Interior Dashboard

Lexus works together with prominent audio brand to install advanced speakers. You can play favorite music via smartphone. Moreover, the internet connection is ready to keep in touch with friends wherever you go. Driver can change driving mode such as in normal, sport or eco mode.

Engine and Price of 2019 Lexus GS 350

2019 Lexus GS 350 uses engine with capacity 3.5 liter and it produces 311 horsepower. It is more powerful than the previous model which only exhausts less than 300 horsepower. Another model uses hybrid engine, but it belongs to 450 variant.

The car uses transmission in eight automatic modes. Based on valid testing, you just take less than six second to reach 100 km/h from zero point. This number is faster than some competitors in market.

2019 Lexus GS 350 AWD Sedan Revealed

Recent model of GS 350 is already in market and 2019 model will be available soon. The base price starts from $47,900. This price depends on many factors and authorized dealer will give fixed rate for price. Therefore, 2019 Lexus GS 350 will be the top list when you decide to buy premium car.

2019 Lexus GS 350 F Sport Atomic Silver