2019 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport Hybrid Release Date

Wednesday, March 29th 2017. | Infiniti

It has been few years since Infiniti releases its latest car. The 2019 Infiniti Q50 is exclusive car capable of producing 400 of horsepower.

2019 Infiniti Q50 Sedan

2019 Infiniti Q50 is an exclusive car released by Infiniti with complete feature and refined design. Since the market demands for luxurious car with impressive powertrain specification, Infiniti tries to satisfy the needs of its customers. According to the spokesman of this automaker, the development team does not alter much of its superior feature. However, some additional changes are implemented to the car.

Refined Design of 2019 Infiniti Q50

Talking about the design, automobile manufactured by Infiniti is famous due to its innovative exterior and interior. Compared to its predecessor, you can see that the grille is redesigned in order to follow the latest trend of modern grille design. The windshield is curved nicely following the contour of 2019 Infiniti Q50 up to the tail light.

The sleek exterior is not only designed for the sake of beauty, but also aerodynamic as well. The rim is covered with glossy chrome surface and modern layout to give futuristic look. The bumper is incorporated with slightly recessed design. Instead of adding too much detail on the exterior, Infiniti decided to go with curvature accent.

In order to balance the sleek exterior, the interior of 2019 Infiniti Q50 is refined with detailed design. Aside from high quality material used for the interior, it is also packed with several useful features as well. Standard feature of satellite radio and climate control is combined with smartphone-integrated navigation system. Infiniti also include safety feature such as predictive accident alert system, rear camera, head collision avoidance, and many more.

2019 Infiniti Q50 Sedan Hybrid

Aside from having polished design and complete feature, this luxurious car is powered by impressive powertrain configuration. The main engine relies on 3.0 liter of V6 engine that is able to generate maximum power of 400 horsepower. It is surprisingly has efficient fuel economy of 28 mpg in the city and 34 mpg in the highway.

Release Date of 2019 Infiniti Q50

Based on the introduction of this luxurious vehicle, Infiniti has not said anything about the pricing yet. However, the price range is predicted somewhere around $35,000 to $49,000 given the price for the previous model is already that high. The loyal customers have to wait for further information related to the official announcement of the price tag.

The customers of Infiniti car will be thrilled once it is available in the market. Unfortunately, the company has not set the official release date for it yet for some reason. Some experts on automobile predicted that it would hit the market on the middle of upcoming year. The development stage of 2019 Infiniti Q50 has completed, but the testing stage has not been passed.

2019 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid on Way 2019 Infiniti Q50 Interior Dashboard