2019 GMC Terrain Diesel Denali Price, MPG and Release Date

Thursday, March 16th 2017. | GMC

It is hard to make distinction from one car to others, especially if they have similarity. GMC gives not only disparity but also enhancement of utility vehicle in 2019 GMC Terrain.

2019 GMC Terrain is new car from GMC. It might be new into market because production began in 2009. This car has unique design and versatile interior side. Before Terrain is released, another car with similar capability and functionality had been on market. However, GMC decides to make new model with different in class and target market.

2019 GMC Terrain Redesign

Manufacturer calls this car as CUV. It means crossover utility vehicle. This term is fresh and new because create car with completely distinction with other isn’t small matters. It needs carefully plan. Market research and demand should be on track. If there is single mistake, the impact is very big.

2019 GMC Terrain Redesign

Let’s put aside this dispute whether it should be on existing class or create new! The point is how capable this car. Basically, there are two engines capacity in 2019 GMC Terrain. Old 2.4 litre with LAF is replaced by LEF type. It produces 182 hp. Another one is 3.6 litre capacities which replace 3.0 versions.

It gets more power because 264 hp raise to 301 hp. GMC uses Ecotech engine in both of variants. As similar with other GMC products, this technology will improve power and speed. 6 years might be too short for new car to create its fan base, but Terrain sales are increased every year.

It has 2.8 meters in wheelbase. It is rather long to be crossover vehicle. However, on recent market, this car competes hardly with long and prominent mid-size and crossover SUV. 2019 GMC Terrain transmission is 6 speeds automatic.

Every GMC cars are sold in rear wheel drive. If you want special all-wheel drive, manufacturer has already provides as optional service. Another improvement in recent model is new LED lamp on front, grille, and suspension. It has top performance in speed and fuel efficiency.

To reach 100 km/h, it just needs 6.5 seconds. This number might be too slow comparing sport or premium car, but Terrain gets that with 2.4 litre. In city driving, one gallon will serve 16 to 17 miles. 23 mpg is normal level for fuel consumption.

GMC expands Terrain model into natural gas version. It uses special injection engine. Originally, this version has dual fuel options, natural gas and gasoline. Buyers will have advantage when oil price is climbing. Natural gas needs specific station and it is difficult in some local area. Gasoline helps as solution for this problem.

2019 GMC Terrain Price and Features

On interior side, this car has used digital mode. Touch screen on dashboard and internet connection are part of car equipments. $25,000 is base price for standard model of Terrain. Furthermore, you will get anything that hardly found in other cars, except in 2019 GMC Terrain.

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