2019 Ford Bronco Raptor Specs and Price

Friday, March 31st 2017. | Crossover & SUVs, Ford

2019 Ford Bronco will be another highest selling car with an excellent exterior and interior concept. Despite of uncertainty of release date, this car has been awaited.

2019 Ford Bronco Pictures

2019 Ford Bronco is coming as the manufacturer has announced recently. The name or Bronco is not new in automotive industry. Since it was first introduction in 2004, this car has already received a lot of attention. So, it is no surprise that this newest version will get as much attention as the predecessor.

According to the rumor, this car will be released at the same time of the Ranger release. It simply indicates that these two cars will bring the same concept and platform. So, it will be most likely for the two of them to hardly compete with each other.

Exterior and Interior Design of 2019 Ford Bronco

As in any other cars, exterior of a car is very important because it pretty much decides on how people see the car at the first glance. According to the officials, this 2019 Ford Bronco new will bring a totally new exterior concept. There will be some significant changes in this new car to fulfill your and other customers’ demand.

The door design for instance will come with a modern and fresh look. It brings enough style to impress everyone. It also comes with high quality material to ensure durability. Overall, this Ford car will successfully offer modern car concept for all customers.

How about its interior? Will it be as good as other cars? Well, let’s take a look further. Apparently, exterior is not the only good thing about this car. Furthermore, it also has a nice cabin inside. It starts with a waterproof cabin material for durability and easier maintenance. The seats are wrapped with high quality leather.

2019 Ford Bronco Specs

As for the features, 2019 Ford Bronco offers a variety of advanced entertainment and safety features. They include the latest entertainment features so you can get yourself entertained along the way. The latest security features are also added to make sure you get yourself protected during the driving.

2019 Ford Bronco Engine Performance and Price

A high quality car should have high quality engine with excellent performance. This time, this new car is rumored to be offering more powerful engine than its predecessors. It is even as powerful as Mercedes G Class but with lower extent.

A 2 liter engine with EcoBoost inline 4-technology can produce up to 275 lb-feet of torque and 245 horsepower. This engine is appropriate to fulfill the need of car owners in US and Europe.

Unfortunately, there has not been an official announcement regarding the exact release date. Therefore, you may have to wait until the end of 2017 to know when you can buy this 2019 Ford Bronco.

2019 Ford Bronco Price2019 Ford Bronco Interior

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