2019 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Diesel Specs, Price, MPG

Sunday, March 26th 2017. | Chevrolet, Pickup Trucks

Pickup truck emerges into popularity in few years. 2019 Chevy Colorado will be the part of this emerging season with new technology and sophisticated panel. It will fulfill what people really need and want.

2019 Chevy Colorado Z71 Midnight Edition

2019 Chevy Colorado is mid-size vehicle in truck mode to fulfill daily transportation or carrying stuff. It is the car that’s suitable for heavy work, but still good to drive on the city street. People recognize Colorado as one of flagship models from Chevrolet.

Pickup truck is tough market because many manufacturers start to redesign into more attractive and modern appearance. Chevrolet follows what competitors do to attract more customers. This car uses bold design and sturdy frame to give sporty accent. For further exploration of Colorado, you can read the following sections.

Concept Design of 2019 Chevy Colorado

Bold design is what you see for 2019 Chevy Colorado. The car uses two cabin modes which consist of single and double mode. Single cab is shorter than double but the wheelbase is similar. The back area is more spacious with strong tailgate.

Inside the car, you will find comfortable seats with driving panels. Touchscreen display is already installed at front dashboard to support driving session. Navigation is important for truck and you will find it at display mode.

The car is also installed with high-speed internet device. It can reach 4G LTE to connect into several devices up to seven. You still connect without worry when going out to do lifting or towing. As matter a fact, this technology is solely in Colorado and you cannot find in other cars.

Price for 2019 Chevy Colorado

2019 Chevy Colorado will be on market soon as the recent model is already sold. There are several variants for Colorado and initial price starts from $21,000. The price depends on many factors and you need to ask authorized dealer for fixed number.

2019 Chevy Colorado Changes

One of factors of the price is engine. Based on recent model, this car consists of two engine types: gasoline and diesel. Gasoline engine uses 3.6 liter with powertrain up to 308 horsepower. This capability is very big compared to the competitors in the same segment. 2.8 liter is available in diesel engine with high efficiency for fuel consumption

This pickup truck is good for towing since the maximum capacity is 770 lbs. You can tow any car or cart at the rear side of car. Several specs relate to safety measures such as airbags, seatbelts, collision alert, and rear view camera. All of them prevent the car from severe destruction and early warning system to avoid accident.

Technical specs show capability of Colorado to fulfill everything you need. This car is good for off-road journey or the long mountain driving. Therefore, you will enjoy high performance of 2019 Chevy Colorado in daily life.

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