2019 Buick Riviera Price, Release Date, Concept

Sunday, March 26th 2017. | Buick

After almost two decades without any news, Buick releases its latest model. The 2019 Buick Riviera follows market trend for futuristic car.

2019 Buick Riviera Changes

2019 Buick Riviera replaces its main concept from previously luxurious sedan into futuristic coupe. This lineup series of this car has unpleasant history of the marketing record. The previous model from the same lineup did not sell well in the market. By changing the main concept of this model, the manufacturer hopes that it will be able to attract market attention.

Futuristic Layout of 2019 Buick Riviera

Since the previous model did not sell as expected, Buick starts to redesign their car with futuristic concept. The exterior design of this futuristic vehicle is packed with sharp lines and curved angle. Futuristic impression is also obtained due to the glossy silver coating used for the exterior. Two doors located on both sides open upwards create robotic wings.

Aside from the exceptional doors of 2019 Buick Riviera, this car also has impressive grille. Unlike grille of other cars, the grille is barely noticeable from outside. It is not only contributed by the similar color to the entire exterior layout, but also the smaller grid. Headlamps on its ends featuring LED technology to give futuristic touch.

Futuristic concept can also be found in the cabin interior of this car as well. The interior dimension of cabin space allows it to accommodate up to four passengers. The LED feature in blue light can be found in many parts of the cabin interior. It seems that the manufacturer is working hard to emphasize futuristic impression to the car.

2019 Buick Riviera Front Angle

The main color used for the interior of 2019 Buick Riviera is light gray. The cabin interior is highlighted with light blue color produced by LED feature. The futuristic impression is not only achieved due to the exceptional layout, but also the technology implemented as well. Moreover, the entire interior design is focusing on the futuristic impression and the comfort of its passengers.

Engine Option of 2019 Buick Riviera

The best part about powertrain of this silver vehicle is the engine option provided by the automaker. They provide option of V8 engine and V6 engine along with their respective specification. Aside from allowing consumer to select the engine, they can also decide the fuel for it. Consumers can either choose to operate the engine with gasoline or electricity.

According to the representative of the company, it will hit the market in the middle of 2019. The main targets for this car are Chinese and European market. As futuristic car, the price tag is surprisingly cheaper than its competitors are. The base model of 2019 Buick Riviera is offered at $50,000.

2019 Buick Riviera Interior Concept 2019 Buick Riviera Price

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