2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 200 Redesign

Thursday, February 16th 2017. | Crossover & SUVs, Toyota

If we are talking about the new 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser then there will be many topic that we can discuss. The first topic being the car exterior and interior redesign which will cover the entire car making it more appealing and comfortable. The second topic will be the car new engine which consist of how better and reliable this car will be. Finally, we will also talk about the release date, price and also safety features of this new car.

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Revealed

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Exterior and Interior Redesign

Just as previously mentioned in the opening paragraph, we will be talking about the exterior and interior redesign first. Starting from the exterior, this SUV from Toyota have a more masculine exterior design with larger build that makes it looks powerful. New headlights design that will offer larger and also brighter lights even on the darkness, and of course additional aerodynamics design which will make this car feel more stylish.

The interior will offer a regular interior design for the Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 design. It does not mean that the design are bland but it offer a more stylish and luxurious design even for a Land Cruiser. The interior is especially improved with better and larger interior which can hold passenger and driver with ease. And of course larger storage in the interior and distinct cockpit design with all of its features.

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Engine Specs and Changes

For the engine, we can expect great things for this new Land Cruiser from Toyota. The new engine will be far more powerful than your average car with brand new V8 engine. This engine will be having turbocharged feature with 5.7 liter specification that can generate more than 380 horsepower and 4000 torque. This engine will also be supported with automatic transmission system with 8 speed of gear shift.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 Release date, Price and Safety Features

So, for the release date and price, there are unfortunately not enough information on when this SUV will be released and what price that this car will be having. However, as this car is planned as the new 2018 model for the Land Cruiser then we can expect this car to be released at the end of 2017 or first half of 2018. While the price is not fixed there are chance this car will be priced for around $85.000.

Safety features for this car is also one of the focus for its developer which is Toyota. The improvement can be seen on the new airbags system which is far more advanced which can protect the driver and passengers from impact which may come for an accident. There are also other safety improvement in the security system for this new 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser but the details are unknown until now.

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