2018 Jaguar XK Coupe and Convertible Price

Monday, April 10th 2017. | Jaguar

Many people want 2018 Jaguar XK because of the trendy style and quality it offers. As sport car, Jaguar XK which is desired by many people can provide you sporty and elegant vehicle.

2018 Jaguar XK Coupe Price

2018 Jaguar XK would be new product which is going to be enjoyed when it is launched in automotive market. This item will have some upgrades to complete in term of interior plus exterior design. Other sides will be upgraded as well including its engine and so on.

A lot of people will want to hold this car because of its trendy style and quality. As sport car, Jaguar is predicted to be one of desired sport cars. Once it has been released, Jaguar will make you get sporty and elegant appear vehicle.

The Engine of 2018 Jaguar XK

Now, you will be informed of 2018 Jaguar XK’s engine specification. This sporty car is going to use 5.0 liter of V8 engine. It can generate up to 385 hp with 6,500 rpm. The engine will also be 380 lb feet at 3,500.

It comes with automatic transmission and 6-speed. It is able to be handled by shift knob of rotary paradigm in car of jaguar style. The car engine is able to reach until every 60 mph within around 5 seconds flat.

2018 Jaguar XK R Coupe

It returns the fuel economy as much as 24/16 mpg. For top speed presented in the car, it is going to be sixty miles each hour and 3.9 seconds. The top speed will be 186 miles each hour. Furthermore, the gas in this car is 16 mpg on road space.

Interior and Exterior Design in 2018 Jaguar XK

Let’s take a look into 2018 Jaguar XK design. Jaguar XK Coupe has stylish and great interior prepared for passengers. In cabin sides, they are filled with wood and leather material in high quality. The car seats are made of leather furniture.

For front side chair, its seat is completed with heated seat. In entertainment media, this vehicle is equipped by 525 watts CD / FM / AM web browser. It is then finished with the system of Wilkins audio.

2018 Jaguar XK Convertible Interior

You will find Smartphone connection and Bluetooth for online connectivity. There are also some other cool things such as camera of rear parking, navigation program, steering wheel, etc. As for exterior design, the headlamp is redesigned with smooth original design.

There are also additional two lighting fixtures on Jaguar XK of 2018. The safety system is updated as well. It is including dual front, side air curtain, and side airbag front. This feature will protect you and help in controlling system stability.

This car is going to be launched around the late of 2017 / early 2018. Nevertheless, there is no exact information regarding the official release date and price. But, 2018 Jaguar XK will be offered with the price about $79,000.

2018 Jaguar XK Convertible Price2018 Jaguar XK R Convertible

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