2018 Jaguar XF SVR Sportbrake Release Date

Friday, April 7th 2017. | Jaguar

2018 Jaguar XF is another variant from the new Jaguar series. This car will be released on the market for the next upcoming year. Of course this car will be having several new improvement that are mainly focused on the car parts such as exterior, interior and engine. Other than these important parts, we can expect improvement on the safety features of the car.

2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake V8

2018 Jaguar XF Exterior and Interior Redesign

For you who are looking for a stylish and amazing looking body design then the new body of this Jaguar XF will surely make you amazed. With its new lighter weight and also different material, the new car prove to be much slimmer and stylish. The design material that are used are aluminum modular material, the weight itself are not more than 134 lbs which is pretty light.

For the interior design, there are new improvement that we can see on its interior. One, the cabin of the car now look more comfortable and also roomy. Second, the car interior will be applied with new dashboard design that improve the luxurious design that this car has to offer. And finally, the car interior will be applied with new touch screen system as well.

2018 Jaguar XF Engine Specs and Changes

2018 Jaguar XF is another new car with better engine and it will be having a more powerful engine which is V6 engine with 3, 0 liter capacity. This engine is able to go for 340 horsepower and 332 torque on its maximum peak. There are also other version of the engine from the V8 engine and also supercharged version of the engine but the rumor is not reliable. Therefore, the clearest engine is going to be the V6.

2018 Jaguar XF SVR Changes

2018 Jaguar XF Price Release date and Safety Features

Because this car will be having many improvement that will give it much more important specification and features. It will have different price tag than the previous Jaguar XF. For your information alone this car price has not been available yet as it is still under development. The car itself will be released on the year of 2018, unfortunately the car exact date of release is not revealed yet.

2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake Leaked

For the safety features, this car will feature many improvement. One of the improvement is mainly from the internal safety system which is the safety bag improvement as well seat belt design that are fitted. The other improvement can also be seen on the car new sensor system which is enhance. This enhanced sensor is parking assist and collision detection as well other features for 2018 Jaguar XF.

2018 Jaguar XF SVR Interior 2018 Jaguar XF SVR Redesign