2018 Jaguar XE SVR Release Date and Price

Saturday, April 8th 2017. | Jaguar

2018 Jaguar XE is another new car that is under development. This car will introduce a variety of improvement that will make many other car pale in comparison. As a new car, we will get many new features for this new Jaguar. But, what kinds of improvement that we will get for this car? Well, here are some explanation on the new features and improvement that we can encounter on this car.

2018 Jaguar XE SVR First Look

2018 Jaguar XE Exterior and Interior Redesign

One thing that are quite unique is that the new Jaguar XE will be using the same platform as the platform that used for Mercedes Benz C-type car. The car will also have new substance for the material used from bonded aluminum and riveted aluminum making it lighter. The car will also have better aerodynamics design and will be much more balanced in overall.

The interior for the new Jaguar XE is going to be much more comfortable. The car interior are focused to make the passenger and driver feel comfortable and have good driving experience. All of the interior are redesign to be more practical and stylish. Additionally, the new trim and seating material are enhanced with suede and leather for more luxurious looks

2018 Jaguar XE Engine Specs and Changes

As the new 2018 Jaguar XE will have redesign on the majority of the parts of the car, the engine will also get several improvement. One of the improvement can be seen on the new 2, 0 liter turbocharged engine that offer more than 248 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque as well. There are also alternative more powerful engine with V6 engine and 380 horsepower for higher trim level for this car.

2018 Jaguar XE SVR Release Date

2018 Jaguar XE Price Release date and Safety Features

Improvement that we will get for the new 2018 XE Jaguar is going to be many, therefore, many people are waiting for the upcoming of this car. The car itself are expected to be released on the year of 2018. The release date is not clear and only the year has been revealed. For the price, this car will be able to be purchased for price $37.000 for the basic model.

2018 Jaguar XE R Sport Changes

The new Jaguar XE will introduce several new improvement and one of the improvement that are also made is on the safety features. There are not enough data and information on what kind’s safety improvement that the passenger and driver will get. The only thing we can give is that the standard safety features from previous Jaguar XE will be improved in the new 2018 Jaguar XE.

2018 Jaguar XE SVR Interior Dashboard 2018 Jaguar XE R Sport Redesign