2018 Dodge Journey SRT and SXT Redesign

Wednesday, April 5th 2017. | Dodge

2018 Dodge Journey is another new car that are going to be released by dodge on the next year of 2018. This new car will be having many improvement that will make the car much more appealing and also stylish if compared with the previous car. Improvement that are being made are going to be applied into the car body design and interior as well on the engine of the car.

2018 Dodge Journey Spy Photos

2018 Dodge Journey Exterior and Interior Redesign

One thing that we can expect from this car is that the design are now look even more aggressive and also good looking. The new car will be based on the rear wheel drive design. Additionally, the new design of the car look shorter but wider and making it more sporty. This car is really looking like a good crossover design especially with its front grille that using cross design.

For the interior design, there will be several improvement especially on the architecture of the compartment. The interior of the new dodge journey now will be much more appealing and also stylish. The use of leather material for the seating and on some of the interior will make the design look beautiful. Additionally, the car interior will now look much larger than the previous design.

2018 Dodge Journey Engine Specs and Changes

For the engine that is going to be applied into the car are going to be a far better engine than the previous engine. The new engine for 2018 Dodge Journey is going to be turbo charged inline 4 engine. This engine have 2 liter capacity and can produce a maximum power of 276 HP and 300 lb-ft of torque as well. Additionally, there are other alternative engine which is twin turbo V6 with a whopping 400 HP.

2018 Dodge Journey Price Release date and Safety Features

Dodge Journey have many fans throughout the world. This means that the release date of this car has been one of the most major news that are being awaited by many people. For you who want to purchase this car then you need to wait for the middle of 2018 for this car be released on the global market. The price are going to be on the number of $50.000 for the basic model of the car.

2018 Dodge Journey SRT Release Date

The safety features that will be applied into this car is going to be a far better in terms of effect. This means that the new airbag system and also sensor system are enhanced to be much more effective. The security system of this car will also be improved for better experience. In overall we can expect good things will come for the new 2018 Dodge Journey.

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