2018 Dodge Dakota SRT Price and Specs

Tuesday, April 4th 2017. | Dodge

There are many new car that is going to be released on the year of 2018 or 2017. The new car that are we going to discuss is the latest 2018 Dodge Dakota. Yes, this car which is known as Dodge Dakota series has long history and has been renewed for almost each year due to the popularity. In this article we will try to explain some of the new design and engine specs of this car.

2018 Dodge Dakota SRT8 Concept

2018 Dodge Dakota Exterior and Interior Redesign

Dodge Dakota will be available with new design and feature. First of all there will be crew car design with four entryways. This car will also have new upcoming front grille design that will make the car looking much more aggressive and stylish. The car overall design is pretty much taking inspiration from the new Dodge RAM that will make the car look stylish and appealing.

What can we say about the interior? Well it will be very complete with many stylish design and functional features. The car will have various features range from ventilating system, compass, thermometer and also air conditioning system as well Digital LCD display. Other than that we can see that the seat design are customizable and offer comfortable and supportive design in overall.

2018 Dodge Dakota Engine Spec and Changes

2018 Dodge Dakota will feature a brand new engine that is far more powerful than its previous engine used in the previous series. The new engine that this car will be having is a cylinder engine with 6, 4 liter engine capacity. This power train specifications is not clear yet but we can expect that this car engine is able to go for a rate of 30 mpg in the city road.

2018 Dodge Dakota Price Release date and Safety Features

With the information regarding the new Dodge Dakota specification, many people are going sought for this car. It means that they are going to need information regarding the car new price and release date. For you who are interested for this car you need to wait until the beginning of 2018 for this car to be released. Additionally, you also need to prepare a sum of money of $40.000 to purchase this car.

2018 Dodge Dakota Price

The impressive feature that are available for this car is not only due to the car impressive specification but also the safety features. According to the information that we can gather this car will renew its safety features. This means Dodge are trying to improve the car safety for the passenger and driver. In this new 2018 Dodge Dakota expect several enhanced features such as collision detection and also airbag.

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