2018 Dodge Barracuda Convertible Specs and Release Date

Saturday, March 11th 2017. | Dodge

2018 Dodge Barracuda is one of the most interesting new car that is becoming one of the new car list from Dodge. This car will introduce a variety of improvement which will make the car much more appealing and also stylish. For you who are interested in this car specification then you are in luck. Because we have several information regarding this car spec and changes in general.

2018 Dodge Barracuda Convertible Concept

2018 Dodge Barracuda Exterior and Interior Redesign

There are several features that we can expect from the new Dodge Barracuda and one of them is the exterior design. The car exterior will be much smaller and offer efficient design, which means it will be more compact. Additionally, this car will also using Alfa rear wheel drive platform design. The car design are also quite masculine especially with the trademark front side design which offer stylish and aggressive look.

The interior design is also being revamped to make this car much more reliable. One of the improvement that are taken place into this car interior is the larger cabin which offer better comfort. Yes, despite its smaller design on the exterior counterpart, the interior are much larger and better architecture. With stylish dashboard and infotainment system that will give you better driving experience.

2018 Dodge Barracuda Engine Specs and Changes

Engine is unexpectedly become one of the most important part in any car. The same can also be said for the new engine of 2018 Dodge Barracuda is going to use turbocharged engine which is a 2, 4 liter engine with 270 horsepower. There are also turbo charged V6 engine with 3 liter capacity that offer 400 horsepower as well.

2018 Dodge Barracuda Price, Release date and Safety Features

Price and also release date for this 2018 car has been one of the most sought information among people this present day. The reason is because, this car has many fans and lover which makes it highly anticipated. The price for this car is expected to hit number of $30.000 price tag. On the other hand, for the release date we can expect the car to hit the global car market on the year of 2018.

The new safety features that will be applied into this car will be ranges from the new and improved collision detection system. Which will make the user to be having safer driving experience. This safety features will make sure that you can drive without any worry and problem. Not to mention that the interior will also be equipped with safer safety airbags system for this new 2018 Dodge Barracuda.

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