2018 Chrysler Imperial Price, Specs and Release Date

Sunday, March 12th 2017. | Chrysler

2018 Chrysler Imperial is one of the new car that are being developed by Chrysler this present day. This car will be offering many interesting improvement that will make the car much better. The new improvement that will be available for this car ranges from new body design to the new interior design. Additionally, the most important part of the car which is the engine are also enhanced to make the car much better.

2018 Chrysler Imperial Price Prediction

2018 Chrysler Imperial Exterior and Interior Redesign

The new exterior body for the upcoming Chrysler Imperial are pretty good and beautiful. The design are focused not only for practicality but also beauty. Yes, the new imperial design are inspired from Rolls Royce design that are combined with sedan design. This will make the exterior looks extremely gorgeous especially with the new body that looks very elegant and stylish.

Interior on the other hand available with many interesting concept. For examples, the car now will be using a far better material for the interior design in both seating and the cockpit. This will enhance the comfort of the car interior as well the style design of the car. There are several new features from the interior such as climate control and also navigation system as well infotainment system.

2018 Chrysler Imperial Engine Specs and Changes

Just as previously mentioned by us in the beginning of the article, this new 2018 Chrysler Imperial will have brand new improved engine. The new engine will be a V6 engine, however it is not just your ordinary V6 but turbocharged one. The engine offer 3 liter capacity with 400 horsepower and 400 lo-fi of torque. The transmission system that will be available with this engine is automatic transmission system.

2018 Chrysler Imperial Price, Release date and Safety Features

The release date for this car is still not clear even when this article are finished written. The only thing that we can expect about the release date of this car is on the year of 2018. The exact date is unfortunately are not known yet. For the price however, there are some rumor or prediction that this car will be available in $60.000 price tag.

The safety features for this car will be regular or standard. Therefore, there are nothing too revolutionary about this part of the car. However, it does not mean that it will be not improved. On the other hand, the safety standard are improved with better and more advanced safety bag on the interior and sensor system for parking and detecting collision on the exterior. Giving this 2018 Chrysler Imperial safer feel.

2018 Chrysler Imperial First Look 2018 Chrysler Imperial Interior Pictures 2018 Chrysler Imperial Release Date 2018 Chrysler Imperial Exterior Pictures

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