2018 Chevy Suburban LTZ Redesign and Specs

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017. | Chevrolet, Crossover & SUVs

2018 Chevy suburban is another interesting take from Chevrolet for their popular car series. Due to the popularity of this car, Chevy improved its design and also specifications to make it much better in every terms. The improvement that being taken by Chevrolet to improve their latest car design is going to be focused on the exterior, interior and also the engine to give this car better specifications.

2018 Chevy Suburban 2500 Z71

2018 Chevy Suburban Exterior and Interior Redesign

For the exterior, there are going several minor improvement that will be added into the new Suburban car. The new improvement will be new headlights, new grille and also new facelift. All of these improvement will be making the car an even more interesting design and have better appeal as its going to be much appealing. Of course, there will also new improvement on the interior as well.

For the interior, all we can say is that the new interior will be much more comfortable. The new interior will have new air conditioning system and also larger interior. There will be temperature control as well trailer monitoring system. This will make the car much more comfortable. Not to mention that new leather upholstery as well new design with autonomous driving will give this car better comfort.

2018 Chevy Suburban Engine changes and specs

One of the most important part in any new car is none other than the engine. The same can also be said with the latest engine that will be applied into the new 2018 Chevy suburban. Yes, the new engine that will be available for the new Suburban car will be turbocharged twin 3, 6 liter GM V6 engine. According to the specs the engine is capable of generating equal torque and horsepower of 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft.

2018 Chevy Suburban LTZ Release Date

2018 Chevy Suburban Price, Release date and Safety Features

This new car is going to be released on the year of 2018. There are no exact information on when the car will be released though, therefore we need to wait more for the exact date for the car release date. For the price, this car will be adjusting the price with the specification that this car has to offer. This means the car will be priced for around the price of $50.000 due to the specifications and features.

Improvement for this car is not only on the exterior, engine and also interior of the car. There are also improvement that being made for the car safety system. With this in mind, we can expect better safety features such as better seatbelt, safety bag, and sensor such as parking sensor and so on. All of these will make the new 2018 Chevy Suburban a great urban city car indeed.

2018 Chevy Suburban Diesel Redesign 2018 Chevy Suburban Engine Z712018 Chevy Suburban 2500 Interior

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