2018 Cadillac CT6 V8 Price, Specs and Release Date

Friday, March 10th 2017. | Cadillac

If you are looking for a new car in the year of 2018 then try to seek the new 2018 Cadillac CT6 which offer many interesting features. Yes, this car will have several new features which will make it more interesting and reliable than the older series. For you who are interested about this car, here are some of the information that we can gather for all of you.

2018 Cadillac CT6 V8 Leaked

2018 Cadillac CT6 Exterior and interior redesign

So, what can we expect from the new Cadillac CT6 exterior design? There are many kinds of improvement that will be applied. For examples, we can get several different new colors. After that don’t forget that the car body design is much sleek and aerodynamics which gives it another plus point. The new front side lamp and rear lamp are also much better in terms of design and brightness as well.

The interior are larger than the previous version of the car. This car interior are designed to be much more comfortable and larger due to the design of the body. Inside we are greeted with so many interesting features which ranges from seating with better mechanism and larger storage as well. There are also infotainment system and navigation system as well.

2018 Cadillac CT6 Engine specs and Changes

The new engine for the 2018 Cadillac CT6 will be having several option the first option is 2, 0 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with 270 horsepower. The second option is V6 engine with 3, 6 liter capacity with 340 horsepower. And finally the last option is the turbo charged variant for the V6 engine with 3, 0 liter capacity that able to generate 400 horsepower. All of these engine will be supported with automatic transmission with 6 to 8 speed of level

2018 Cadillac CT6 Price, Release date and Safety features

For the release date and price, there are no exact information about it, therefore the only thing that we can do is to predict it. For the release date itself, this car is predicted to be released on the year of 2018 without the exact information about the exact date. The price on the other hand is expected to be priced for around the price of $60.000 to $90.000 due to the specifications.

The safety features that this car has to offer is pretty unique, we can see that this car have several standard safety features ranges from safety bag for the interior. There are also collision detection and parking lane features and of course braking lock system. All of these safety features inside the new 2018 Cadillac CT6 is expected to be improved upon release.

2018 Cadillac CT6 Platinum Rear Angle 2018 Cadillac CT6 Platinum Side Angle 2018 Cadillac CT6 Platinum Front Angle 2018 Cadillac CT6 Platinum Interior