2018 Buick Grand National GNX Specs and Release Date

Friday, March 3rd 2017. | Buick

With all of the upcoming new car, the new 2018 Buick Grand National will make its new entrance on the upcoming 2018. The new car will introduce a vast array of improvement that will make it worthy to be called the next generation of Buick Grand National car. Even though the improvement are not clear yet, there are several interesting information regarding the car specifications. And here are some of them.

2018 Buick Grand National Engine specs and Changes

The engine that is involved into this 2018 car will be divided into several engine options. The first options is the 2, 0 liter engine with four inline turbocharged LTG. This engine able to generate 250 horsepower at its maximum power. And then the second and third engine will be V6 engine both with 3, 6 liter capacity but the later will have twin turbo system which offer more than 400 horsepower.

2018 Buick Grand National Exterior and Interior Redesign

Simplicity will be one of the main focus of the Buick Grand National new exterior design. The exterior looks much simpler but offer a large array of interesting improvement. One of the changes that is quite notable is the front side of the car with its new bumper design and grille. In all of the new car design, we can say that the new exterior fit well with the personality of the car.

The interior for the new 2018 Buick Grand National are pretty simple but offer a practical design. It gives the passenger and driver comfort and also stylish design. The material used for the interior ranges from new leather material for the seat and also interior as well. The infotainment system are also improved to make the car interior features much more easier to be controlled

2018 Buick Grand National Price, Release date and Safety Features

The information regarding the car price and also release date are not been stated yet. It means that the car can be released faster than the year of the target which is 2018. However, because the release date are not known yet the best bet we can hope it will be released on schedule. Price on the other hand is another matter which is expected to be at the range of $35.000 to $60.000.

With all of the new information regarding the car features and specifications, it will be wise enough to know about the car safety features. For the safety features, we can expect several things from the car. One is the collision detection system and parking sensor for easier and safer driving. And the second is improved safety interior for the new 2018 Buick Grand National with new airbags system.

2018 Buick Grand National Interior Cabin

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