2018 BMW X1 Release Date, Review, Changes

Wednesday, April 12th 2017. | BMW, Crossover & SUVs

If you want a new BMW car, then the new 2018 BMW X1 can be one of the car that we highly recommend. This car will offer many interesting improvement over the previous design that will make it more reliable. The improvement is known to be applied into the car exterior, interior and also engine. With that in mind, then we are here to give you some information regarding this car in a more detailed fashion.

2018 BMW X1 xDrive28i Price

2018 BMW X1 Exterior and Interior Redesign

One improvement that we can see from the new BMW X1 exterior design is the new sporty design. The sporty design will be covering some of the most important part such as wheelbase, front grille and also tail gate. The BMW icon are applied into the LED headlamp making this car have unique personality and look. Additionally, the new overall look are compact and have its own unique appeal.

What can we get from the new interior design that BMW X1 can give to us? The new interior will be using some sophisticated design which have touch screen display for better information display. There are also new seat material that are using premium comfort. The car will also easily able to connect or synchronize with smartphone with its new connectivity access.

2018 BMW X1 M Interior Dashboard

2018 BMW X1 Engine Specs and Changes

2018 BMW X1 will have several new improvement and that include the engine as well which is upgraded to make the car more reliable. The engine will is under the hood of this car is able to generate 228 horsepower and will have 2, 0 liter engine capacity. This engine will also be supported with both manual and automatic transmission system. The speed level of the transmission is supposedly to be around 8 speed.

2018 BMW X1 SUV Review

2018 BMW X1 Price Release date and Safety Features

With the new improvement that are being made for this new BMW X1, it will literally making it one of the most hyped car from BMW. With this in mind, of course, there are many people who are waiting for the upcoming of this car. For you who are interested in this car then you can wait for this car in the 2018. The price for this car that you need to prepare you money will be around the price of $34.000 which can still be changed.

2018 BMW X1 SUV Changes

The safety features on the other hand are improved and enhanced to make the car much more reliable. Improvement can be seen on the car interior side with its new improved sensitivity for the safety bag. For the exterior system, we can see sensor system that will report on the driver is there will be collision in several centimeter of our car body. This will improve the safety of the new 2018 BMW X1.

2018 BMW X1 SUV Price 2018 BMW X1 SUV Redesign2018 BMW X1 xDrive28i Redesign

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