2017 Toyota Celica Supra GT Release Date

Wednesday, January 25th 2017. | Toyota

2017 Toyota Celica is known as one of the latest development that are being started this year. The new car will introduce several improvement from the previous Celica which makes it better. The engine will have some interesting improvement and power up while the design will also improve further. Finally, this car will be having some new safety features that will make it safer and also secure.

2017 Toyota Celica GT4 Front Angle

2017 Toyota Celica Exterior and Interior

One thing that make the new Celica look superior to the previous series is none other than the impressive design that this car has to offer. With new exterior design that looks even more aerodynamics and also stylish this car will make sure that it will be appealing. For design this car will be much more futuristic with silver color design as well interesting aerodynamics design which is far more effective.

On the other hand, the interior of the new Celica will also have improvement that will make it much more interesting. One of the improvement is the overall design of the interior that offer aluminum and also chrome details. Additionally the new seating material will also introduce brand new leather and soft material for the seat. This car will also have blue tooth connectivity and high class infotainment mechanism to further upgrade the comfort.

2017 Toyota Celica Engine Changes and Specs

The rumor about what kinds of engine that will be applied into this car is quite many. However, from many baseless rumor the most prominent engine that will be applied should be a turbocharged engine. The engine will have 4 cylinder and able to generate 235 horsepower output and input. This engine then will be supported with 6 speed automatic and manual transmission system.

2017 Toyota Celica Price and Release date

As many people are longing for this car, this car itself will be coming with brand new price which is different from the previous car. Of course, the price will not be too different, according to the specification and information this car is going to be priced for around $20.000 which is considered pretty fair due to the new specification. On the other hand, there are unfortunately no exact information about the release date except the year of release that will be this year or 2017.

2017 Toyota Celica GT4 Rear Angle

With improvement all over the place for this car it will be a good idea to apply new safety features right? Well, then you will be satisfied by this is you expect new safety features for this car which is going to be implemented. The new safety features will be new airbag system which is much more effective and also efficient. Not to mention new collision detection system that will be applied into this 2017 Toyota Celica.

2017 Toyota Celica Photos and Spy Shots