2017 Pontiac Trans AM New Design and Features

Friday, January 27th 2017. | Pontiac, Sports Cars

With the latest 2017 Pontiac Trans AM on the new car release, there are many people who are quite hyped about this car. The reason is because, this car offer many interesting and new improvement that will make the car better. For more information the improvement itself will be ranged from the new car interior to the new car exterior or body design. Additionally the most important changes or improvement will also be applied into the engine as well.

2017 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit Edition

2017 Pontiac Trans AM Exterior and Interior Redesign

With all of improvement, one of the most important part of the car improvement is the exterior design. According to the information that we can gather this new car will introduce a better aerodynamic design. There are also restyled vehicle side sills and also new quarter panels badge on the front. Finally, Pontiac will also adding some new LED headlights with better and also sharper design into the car front part.

For the interior design we can expect a variety of improvement. Let us say the improvement ranges from new glass roof design and also navigation system as well. For the other improvement and addition there are also new power steering and rear view camera. Interior of this new Trans AM will also be applied with new heated seat and also hands free capabilities as well for comfort.

2017 Pontiac Trans AM Engine Specs

As we already know, the better the car the better the engine right? Well the same can also be said for this new engine that will be applied into the new Pontiac Trans AM. According to the information that we can gather, this car will be having V6 engine with 3.7 liter capacity. The new engine will be able to generate more than 305 horsepower for its output and 280 lb-ft of torque as well. There are also alternative engine with V8 engine and 5. 0 liter capacity that able to generate 420 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque.

2017 Pontiac Trans AM Features, Price and Release Date

On a simple note, we all know that one of the most sought information regarding this 2017 car will be the price and also release date. The release date is expected to be arrived on the year of 2017. However, there are no further details of the exact date of the car release. In order to make the car more mysterious, there are no exact price for this car. This means that we need to wait for the confirmation from the official.

2017 Pontiac Trans Am Specs

The improvement that made for this new Pontiac car will also touching the safety features of this car. With this in mind, we can expect many interesting improvement that will be applied into this car features. Several improvement that we think will be applied range from new collision detection system and also anti-lock brake, stability control and also advanced airbags. Additionally, this will also make the new 2017 Pontiac Trans AM safer and easier to use.

2017 Pontiac Trans AM Pictures and Spy Shots

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2017 Pontiac Trans Am Interior Pictures

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