2017 Mazda 2 Sedan and Hatchback Price

Thursday, January 5th 2017. | Mazda

With the many new car that will be revealed on the next year, it looks like Mazda has try new form of changes for their 2017 Mazda 2. This changes of course, will make the new Mazda much more interesting and also powerful. Several features has been added into the car in order to make it much more powerful and reliable. And some of these features will be listed down below for further information to all of you.

2017 Mazda 2 Sedan Front Angle

2017 Mazda 2 Exterior and Interior Redesign

Interestingly speaking we can expect a lot of more improvements into the new exterior. This car will have better body design and much more stylish looking exterior for the final results. In some of the changes we can see the new body is much more aerodynamics especially on the front parts of the car. The new headlights and backlights are brighter with sharp design to accommodate the new design as well.

Interior design will be much more comfortable than the previous Mazda design. This is because the new design interior is also much more dominant with futuristic design which is more focused on the comfort. But don’t get us wrong, the interior is still looks luxurious and gorgeous especially with the new design that makes the car feel modern and stylish. There are also modern features introduced within the car in the form of upgraded infotainment system.

2017 Mazda 2 Interior Cabin

2017 Mazda 2 Engine Specs

Reliable and balanced engine will be the most important things in the new Mazda 2. This car will be equipped with 1.3 liter engine for the basic model. On the other hand, there are also new diesel option that we can choose from which will enhance the power of the engine which will be using one diesel engine with 1.4 liter engine model. These engine will be using CVT transmission system as well manual transmission system with 5 speed of level.

2017 Mazda 2 Features, Price and Release date

The car is going to be a good option for people who want a good and reliable city car. This is why the information regarding the car price and release date is in demand about this car. According to the information that we can collect this car will be released with a price of $17.000 for the basic model. The date of the release is not fixed but we can expect it will be released on the market on March the 2017.

2017 Mazda 2 hatchback Rear Angle

The safety and features that installed into the car is quite good. In the interior we can see new airbags system complete with several security system as well for the safety of the car. On the outside we can expect sensor system for better parking and avoiding collision using the collision detection system. All of these system will be installed into the new 2017 Mazda 2.

2017 Mazda 2 Photo and Spy Shots