2017 Lincoln MKT Elite Price and Review

Tuesday, January 3rd 2017. | Lincoln

2017 Lincoln MKT is one of the latest new car which is quite hyped and being talked by many people. The reason is because, this car has garnered many followers and fans that waiting for the next generation model to come up. With the announcements of this car new reveal, the hype is quite real and many people curious on what kinds of improvements that this car will have. Due to these reason, we are going to share you some of the improvements and changes for this car in details.

2017 Lincoln MKT Luxury Crossover Front Angle

2017 Lincoln MKT Exterior and Interior Redesign

The exterior design of this new Lincoln MKT will feature the best design as it will have many improvements. One improvement is the better lighting which improve visibility in dark terrain as well bad climate. New front grille design that much slimmer as well improved design will make this new Lincoln feel superior to the previous design.

2017 Lincoln MKT Luxury Crossover Interior Detail

The interior offer a better and luxurious looks than most car this day. This can be seen on the new power folding car seat design. New power lift gate features as well premium leather material for the majority of the interior making this car feel classy. There are also heated steering wheel features for the interior which offer better design. In overall this car interior have given great improvements.

2017 Lincoln MKT Engine Specs

One thing that makes the new Lincoln MKT looks great is the engine as it will be using two alternative engine which is the V8 and V6 engine. For the V8 engine this engine will go with Eco boost design and can generate 365 horsepower with 3.5 liter engine model. For the V6 engine this engine comes with 3.7 liter engine model and 300 horsepower. Both engine offer more power and of course better efficiency.

2017 Lincoln MKT Safety Features, Price and Release date

Price and release date for the new Lincoln MKT is quite interesting and one of the most talked topic other than its specifications. For the information, this car will be released on the year of 2017. The expected date unfortunately is unknown until now. The price on the other hand, it targeted to be around the price of $44.000 due to the specifications that the new Lincoln MKT has to offer.

2017 Lincoln MKT Luxury Crossover Side Angle

Talking about features then we need to know about the safety applied in the car. According to the information that we can get, it is known that this car will improve its safety features to certain degree. The new safety features will provide the car with several interesting features ranges from new airbags system and also collision detection system as well several sensory system for the new 2017 Lincoln MKT.

2017 Lincoln MKT Photo and Spy Shots