2017 Honda HR-V Price and Release Date

Monday, November 21st 2016. | Crossover & SUVs, Honda

Honda will release the new 2017 Honda HR-V for the US market soon in 2017. The Honda HR-V itself has not entered the US market for not a long time. But, it has already got many fans in the US. We can find it quickly on the roads. The appearance, the features, and the engine performance makes many people quickly fall in love with this 2017 SUV. It is a stylish modern SUV that ready to be used for any daily needs.

2017 Honda HR-V Colors

The new Honda HR-V will get some upgrades to make it better than the current model. The upgrades and improvements can be found in some aspects of the new HR-V. The exterior design will be more stylish and elegant than the current Honda HR-V model. The Interior of the upcoming HR-V will be stylish, spacious, and full of modern features. The engine of the 2017 HR-V surely will be stronger than the predecessor.

2017 Honda HR-V Review

The exterior of the new HR-V will be better than the current model. It will bring some improvements although it’s only minor changes. The size and the dimension of the new HR-Z will remain the same as the current model. Honda will use a new lightweight material for the body. Surely it will reduce the bodyweight to give this new HR-V a good acceleration and fuel efficiency. The new bodyline will give a sporty and elegant look for the upcoming Honda HR-V.

2017 Honda HR-V Changes

The new Honda HR-V will have a new look at the front. It’s not entirely a new front design. The new headlights at the front give a reliable and stylish appearance for this upcoming SUV. It will be combined with the new grille design. The grille will be better than the current HR-V’s grille. It has a larger size and a better air supply to the engine than the previous model.

The new 2017 Honda HR-V back side will also get some improvements. It can be seen from the new design of taillights. It looks tight and sporty. The muffler of new HR-V will use a new design for a better style and exhaust system. The overall exterior design of the new Honda HR-V will be stylish and innovative. It will be a modern SUV with a good style and performance.

2017 Honda HR-V Interior

How about the interior design of the new Honda HR-V? The cabin will get some improvements in term of comfortably. The design will be better than the current Honda HR-V. It will be more convenient and spacious than the predecessor. The seats of new HR-V will provide a comfortable place to sit. It is covered with the premium leather to make sure the style and the comfort for the passengers.

2017 Honda HR-V Turbo Interior

The dashboard will get a new feature, a touchscreen display. It can be used as an entertainment media and navigation. Materials of the interior are not the best in this segment. But it’s already above the average. Some premium features can be found such as wireless, HD radio, high-quality sound system, Bluetooth, and USB ports.

2017 Honda HR-V Engine and Price Estimated

The engine of the new Honda HR-V will be powerful and has good fuel efficiency. Maybe Honda will use a 1.8-liter engine to give more power and torque to the new HR-V. But it is not the best option to get a great fuel consumption. It will be better to use a 1.5-liter engine with turbocharged inline. It can produce 150 horsepower and 170 pounds of torque and better than the 1.8-liter engine.

Honda should give the right price for this new HR-V. There are many competitors in this segment. Honda maybe will give this new HR-V price around $15,000 or the Europe market. It is still not the fixed price because Honda has not revealed any information about it. This new 2017 Honda HR-V will be leased at the end go on sale at the beginning of 2017.