2017 Honda Element Price and Review

Wednesday, January 25th 2017. | Honda

Honda will release its unique vehicle, the 2017 Honda Element, in 2017. It’s a sports utility vehicle (SUV) with a uniquely modern design and great engine performance. This new Honda Element will be the successor of its predecessor. It will bring many new features and improvements compared to the current Honda Element model.

2017 Honda Element Price

The new Honda Element can be a good choice for them who demand a stylish vehicle with a good engine performance. The upcoming Honda Element will bring some changes to the exterior. It will make the new Element has a stronger and sharper body design. As an SUV, the new Element will be ready to conquer any roads. You can use it to do your daily heavy duties.

2017 Honda Element Review

How about the exterior design of the new Honda Element? As you know, the Element model still uses a conventional body shape, just like the Jeep models. It gives the new Honda Element a unique appearance and becomes its characteristic. The framework of the Honda Element 2017 will use a lightweight and strong material. Honda tries to reduce the frame weight to gain a better acceleration and fuel consumption than the predecessor.

2017 Honda Element USA Interior Dashboard

The changes to the new Honda Element exterior can be seen from the spy shots. The spy shots show that the upcoming Element will have a new hood shape. The shape of the new Honda Element’s hood is similar with the upcoming Jeep’s hood model. Some changes also can be found at the front of the new Honda Element. The headlights will get a new model.

2017 Honda Element USA

The 2017 Element’s headlights will use the LED lights. It also gets two slight upraised areas above the headlights, on the bonnet right. The Honda Element 2017 front grille also get a new model. It will be larger than the current model and has a different shape. The 2017 Honda Element front appearance looks strong, stylish, and elegant.

2017 Honda Element Interior

Bringing modern features and technologies to the new Honda Element is a must. The seat arrangement of Honda Element is different from other common SUVs. The seats will be able to accommodate up to six passengers in comfort. The Element’ seats are divided into two rows with the adjustable and foldable feature for the back seats. The cabin size will be spacious and comfortable.

2017 Honda Element Interior

The dashboard still uses a simple design but using modern features. An LCD touchscreen display can be found on the dashboard. It will be used for navigation and entertainment. Some modern technologies also can be found inside the new Honda Element such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HD Radio, and high-quality speaker sound system. The safety features of the new Honda Element will be great and make sure the passengers having a safe trip inside this vehicle.

2017 Honda Element Engine and Price Estimated

The engine of the new Honda Element will be better than the current Element model. The Element 2017 will use a 2.4-liter engine that delivers 166 horsepower and 160 pounds of torque. The acceleration and the top speed will be amazing. For the maximum speed, the new Honda Element can reach up to 122 miles per hour. The fuel efficiency will be 27/34 mpg for the city/highway road.

2017 Honda Element USA Front Angle

The new Honda Element will have all while driving system. The Element’s powerful engine will be combined with the six-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to the less framework weight that help this new Element to get a good fuel efficiency and acceleration. Overall, the engine performance for this upcoming Element model is great.

Talking about the prices and the release date of this new Honda Element will be interesting. Some rumors said that this new SUV would be released sometime in 2017. The industry news said that the new Honda Element would be priced around $19,000. The new 2017 Honda Element can be a good alternative to having a good stylish and powerful SUV.