2017 Ford Lightning Price and Review

Saturday, December 3rd 2016. | Ford

Ford will ready to release their legendary truck, the 2017 Ford Lightning, sometime in 2017. It will be the successor of the 2016 model. The Ford Lightning is a medium truck that was firstly released in 1993. It got so many fans when the first launch. Now, Ford will try to do the same thing. They try to attract the market attention by releasing the new model in 2017.

2017 Ford Lightning Blue

The new Ford Lighting will be modern, full of features and has god engine performance. The acceleration and the fuel consumption also get attention from Ford. In this new model, the acceleration and the fuel consumption will be better than the current Lighting design. Some improvements on the exterior and the interior design will make this medium truck as a stylish and elegant vehicle.

2017 Ford Lightning Review

The exterior design surely will be sporty, tough, and fascinating. As a modern vehicle, the new Ford Lighting will be a stylish pickup truck. The body will use a lightweight and strong materials. The overall bodyweight will be lighter than the previous model. It will help the new Ford Lighting engine to save more fuel and give a good acceleration.

At the front of Lighting, you will find a large stylish grille. This stylish will supply much air to the Lighting’s engine. The grille will be accompanied with the stylish and elegant LED headlights. It can give a good vision to the Lighting’s driver in any road and climate condition. The Lighting’s front bumper also gets a new design and fog lights implemented on it. This improvement gives a stylish and sporty appearance for the front side of the upcoming Lighting model.

2017 Ford Lightning Specs

The back side of this Lighting will get some improvements too. The taillights and the muffler of the 2017 Ford Lighting will use a new model. The taillights will use the LED lights. The muffler will give a good exhaust system. The overall appearance and style of the Ford Lighting’s exterior are great and amazing. Many people will give their attention and fall in love with this new pickup truck.

2017 Ford Lightning Interior

Inside the upcoming Ford Lighting, there will be many new features. The interior design will be more stylish than the current Lighting model. The dashboard will get a new design with a luxurious and modern finish. The dashboard will be equipped with a touchscreen display to help you in navigation and providing entertainment to the passengers. The cabin of the upcoming Lighting will be spacious and convenient.

2017 Ford Lightning Interior

There will be enough space for our head and legs inside the Ford Lighting 2017. The Ford Lighting seats use the high-quality leather to give comfort and style. The safety features of the new Lighting also beyond the average. You will get the comfort although you are in an off-road driving condition. Overall, the interior design of the 2017 Lighting is amazing.

2017 Ford Lightning Engine and Price Estimated

The new Lighting still has no any official information about the engine specification. Some industry rumors said that the engine of the upcoming Lighting would be a 5.3-liter V8 engine. It will be powered by the EcoBoost engine technology to deliver more power and better fuel consumption than the previous model. The gearbox will use a six-speed automatic transmission. It’s still a rumor too. We need to wait for the official engine spec from Ford.

As stated above, the upcoming Ford Lighting will be released sometime in 2017. Ford has not released any official information about the Ford Lighting release date. It also happens to the price. There is no any information from Ford about it. But some experts predict that the new 2017 Ford Lighting will be priced a little bit more expensive than the current model.