2017 Ford F650 Specs and Price

Monday, January 2nd 2017. | Ford, Pickup Trucks

The 2017 Ford F650 will be a new medium truck to hit the market in 2017. It will be a powerful truck for any heavy duties. Some changes can be found in many aspects of this new medium truck from Ford. The new Ford F650 appearance will be more strong and tough than the current model. The exterior design will have some changes and additions.

2017 Ford F650 Rollback

The interior design of the new Ford650 will be spacious, comfortable, and safe. The new Ford 650 offers the good stability of handling on any road conditions. It can be used for daily use on the city road or a long drive on the highway across the countries. You can have many heavy loads on this truck.

2017 Ford F650 Review

The design of the Ford 650 body tells us that it is a strong vehicle. The dimension and the size of the 2017 F650 are rumored to be the same as the current model. The body materials will use a lightweight and strong materials. It can reduce the body weight and offer safety for the passengers. It will reduce the overall bodyweight that gives a good fuel consumption and acceleration for the 2017 F650 model.

The front side of the new 2017 Ford F650 will have some changes. The grille will come with a new design that is larger than the current F650 model. There will be a huge double nose at the front. The headlights also have a better illumination and vision at the night than the current model. It uses the LED lights with a new design. The front bumper also gets redesigned that make it looks bold and tough. The front bumper is also equipped with the fog lights.

2017 Ford F650 for Sale

At the back of the Ford 650 2017, you can load many kinds of stuff on it. It will be ready to bring any heavy things safely. The 2017 Ford 650 will get a new design of taillights at the back. Just like the headlights, the taillights will also use the LED lights. The muffler will be better than the current F650 model regarding style and function. So, the exterior design of the upcoming Ford F650 will be stylish and tough.

2017 Ford F650 Interior

As you know, the cabin of the new Ford F650 will be convenient and safe. It has a good comfort for any road conditions. The F650’s cabin size is rumored to be the same as the previous F650 model. It can accommodate up to three or four passengers and the driver. The front seats will be more convenient than the back seats. But overall, the seats are comfortable. Thanks to the use of premium leather as the seats cover.

2017 Ford F650 Interior

The dashboard will get some improvements. There will be a new touchscreen display to control some features of the new F650. It is also important for the navigation and as an entertainment media. Some F650’s modern features also can be found such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HD Radio, USB ports, and premium audio sound system.

2017 Ford F650 Engine and Price Estimated

The upcoming F650 will have two engine options. The first one will use a 6.7-liter PowerStroke V8 diesel engine producing 270 horsepower and 675 pounds of torque. The second engine will use a 6.8-liter V10 B20 Biodiesel engine producing 362 horsepower and 457 pounds of torque. Surely both of the new Ford F650 engines will be so powerful for any heavy duties.

How about the price for the new F650? Of course, it will be a little bit expensive than the current F650 model. It will be priced starting from $56,000 when hit the market. The release date is still a mystery. Ford has not given any information about the release date to the public. Many rumors said that the 2017 Ford F650 would be released sometime in 2017.

2017 Ford F650 Photo and Spy Shots

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