2017 Ford F650 Rollback Pickup Price

Thursday, February 2nd 2017. | Ford, Pickup Trucks

With the upcoming year that are nearing its coming, Ford has introduced several new car that will be released on 2017. One of the car that is going to be released is the new 2017 Ford F650. As one of the car that are developed by ford, there will be several interesting improvements inside and on the outside of the car. The improvements will be spread evenly on the exterior design of the car, interior and also of course the engine.

2017 Ford F650 Specs

2017 Ford F650 Exterior and Interior Redesign

The new exterior will introduce a variety of interesting changes, and one of them is the basic body design. The basic body design of the new Ford F650 will be much more stylish in comparison with the other truck. It will be also much more modern look and give the car a better balance. The new design will also be more aggressive look for a truck car, making it a very unique design.

2017 Ford F650 Truck Front Angle

2017 Ford F650 Interior

There are not much we can share about the latest interior design for this car. However, some information that we can get said that the new car will be having larger space or cabin which means more comfort. There are also improved entertainment system in the form audio. There are new infotainment system that are applied into this car, which allow the driver to assess the information of the car much easier.

2017 Ford F650 Engine Specs and Changes

As a truck car, of course, this car will be available with powerful engine. The new engine that will be used is a turbo diesel engine of V8 variant, this engine is using 6.7 liter capacity and available with high power output. The power output is 400 horsepower and have 860 lb-ft of torque which is pretty awesome even for a truck car. The engine will be using Torq Shift six speed gear and automatic transmission system.

2017 Ford F650 Rollback

2017 Ford F650 Price and Release date

Interestingly speaking, with the minimal information about the car features and also specification, the same can also be said for the price and release date. There are no exact information regarding the car price and release date. The predicted price of this car is supposedly to be around $70.000 price tag. While the release date itself are not fix but it is said to be in the year of 2017 without any additional information.

2017 Ford F650 Dump Truck

Safety and features has been one of the staple of any new and modern car this day. There are several interesting safety features that will be installed into this car. One of the most notable one is the collision detection system which allow the driver to know how close they are to collision. This feature of course making it easier for people to park and drive the new 2017 Ford F650 easily and safely for this truck car.

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