2017 Ford Excursion Conversion, Interior, Price

Friday, February 3rd 2017. | Crossover & SUVs, Ford

2017 Ford Excursion is one of the latest car that are being developed for the year of 2017. This means the car will be having some several improvement that will make it more reliable and powerful. The new car improvements, of course are not known by many people as it is still under development. However, if you are curious about the new improvement that will be applied into this car then here are some of the information.

2017 Ford Excursion Release Date

2017 Ford Excursion Exterior and Interior Redesign

The redesign of the new ford Excursion is much more interesting to be said. The new chassis that this car will be having is ladder type chassis which is solely based of the Ford F250 series. The body design will also much more compact and offer a strong and appealing look. The car is also using new leaf spring suspension to give it a better balance in overall.

If you are talking about the interior, there are several interesting enhancement that this big SUV will be undergoing. The first one is the interior design, the design are now much more modern and also luxurious in look as there are new upholstery material on the interior. The space of the interior are also enhanced a little making it larger and comfortable. There are also new interior features but the details are not known yet.

2017 Ford Excursion Engine Specs and Changes

According to the information that we can collect the engine that will be used is V8 engine. This V8 engine has a specification of 6.2 liter and also capable of producing a huge 385 horsepower. There are also a rumor of diesel engine with 440 horsepower as well. The alternative engine is expected to be a V8 engine with 6.7 liter capacity which is able for huge power as we previously mentioned.

2017 Ford Excursion Price and Release date

For the price and also release date, it is an important part of any new car this day. Due to these reason, we will give you some interesting information about the price and release date of this car. The price for this new Ford Excursion will be around $150.000 price tag, however it can change as the car still under development. On the other hand the release date of this car is expected to be around of the first of 2017 or the middle of 2017.

2017 Ford Excursion SUV Front Angle

There are several new improvement that will be applied into the car safety features, the most important part is of course the interior safety and security. The new security system and safety system are highly improved making it a better car overall. This can be seen on the new advanced airbags system and mechanism. For the exterior there are also new sensor that applied into this 2017 Ford Excursion.

2017 Ford Excursion Diesel Price

2017 Ford Excursion Interior Cabin

2017 Ford Excursion Interior Dashboard

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