2017 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab Price and Specs

Tuesday, December 27th 2016. | Dodge

New car comes and leaves every year. This time, 2017 Dodge Dakota will take spotlight with elegant design and advanced engine technology.

2017 Dodge Dakota Concept

2017 Dodge Dakota is mid-size truck with new upgrades. Some refinements are added to enhance the car capability. This car was in production since 1987 as first generation. In 2011, manufacturer decided to discontinue it due to certain issue.

When hearing about Dakota, you may think about girl or woman’s name. Actually, it is quite strange for truck with this name, but you will understand after sitting behind the steering. The car is designed for heavy duty without lack of convenient factor.

Technical Specs of 2017 Dodge Dakota

Mid-size car is interesting category to explore. Usually, you go for design then engine, but truck is about vehicle with engine as priority. 2017 Dodge Dakota is predicted to have two types of capacity. Manufacturers will put 3.6 and 4.7 liter engine.

3.6 liter is the variant for normal duty such as carrying stuffs from one place to other. On the other side, you need 4.7 liter with off-road capability to support harsh journey. Automotive analyst predicts one of them should be diesel.

2017 Dodge Dakota Diesel

The last production of Dakota was in 2011, which took five years in hiatus. In that time, 3.7-liter engine exhausted 170 horsepower. Of course, that number is not enough to support recent needs. You may expect to get more than 200 horsepower and 259 horsepower for 4.7 liter.

When 2017 Dodge Dakota is ready for sales? Official release for new Dakota is still indefinite. Truck market is very rough, though there are not many brands in this category. However, Dodge needs to plan carefully to succeed attracting more customers.

Design Concept of 2017 Dodge Dakota

Now, it is time to see 2017 dodge Dakota design. Truck evolves significantly in several decades. Nowadays, you may see double or extended cab as the main variant. Open trunk on rear side is shorter due to long cabin area.

2017 Dodge Dakota Cabin

As usual, you will see Dodge emblem to show the car’s characteristic. Headlamp is already LED to increase visibility. Tailgate has new model to put the hook, so you can tow any vehicle easily.

Its cabin is more spacious because four people are able to sit, including driver. Some panels are upgraded into latest technology. Moreover, the indicators use LED backlit, and the display at front dashboard is ready with useful application.

2017 Dodge Dakota Price Prediction

The price is not yet announced. You may need more than $25,000 to bring this car home. The price depends on many things such as variant, software, trim level, and local regulation. Dodge wants customers to feel ultimate driving experience without lack of capability of mid-size of truck from 2017 dodge Dakota.

2017 Dodge Dakota Pictures, Images and Spy Shots

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