2017 Chevy Nova SS Concept Release Date

Saturday, April 8th 2017. | Chevrolet

2017 Chevy Nova just as we want to say is the new redesign car that will continuing the legacy of this car series. This car will feature several new improvement that will make the car much more appealing to the masses. One of the improvement that are being focused is one the exterior and also engine. Other than that expect several improvement on the interior and also safety features as well.

2017 Chevy Nova Concept

2017 Chevy Nova Exterior and Interior Redesign

The new exterior design for the latest Chevy Nova will be much more appealing than ever. This car will have stocky and shorter design in overall. The new thin grille design that are applied making this car look aggressive and also powerful. Not to mention the new sleeker design that will make the car to evoke the right mood, which makes this car look fresh and perfect,

Interior will have a much more appealing design with stylish material for the seating. This car seating will have less seam to give the car a much more appealing aspect. The car interior will have unique features such as playbook, and lower dashboard with console. This car will also feature large ventilation that using a much more appealing architecture.

2017 Chevy Nova Engine Specs and Changes

With new car series come new engine as well, this is true for the new 2017 Chevy Nova. This car will feature a more powerful engine which is going to be 5, 6 L V8 engine with powerful 350 horsepower at its maximum peak. There are other specification information which be able to reach 27 mpg on highway road and 20 mpg on city road.

2017 Chevy Nova Price

2017 Chevy Nova Price Release date and Safety Features

With all of the new improvement, we can be sure that this car is going to hit the market with a great results. However, if you wish to purchase this car then you need to prepare money for $49.500 because it will be the basic price. Other than that, then you can wait for this car to arrive in this 2017. The car release date is unfortunately are not clear yet and it means we need to wait for it.

2017 Chevy Nova Release Date

The car will also offer improvement on the safety features. This means that this car will have improvement in the standard safety system that usually being applied on modern day cars. Therefore we can expect several tidbit from the developer such as collision detection system, parking assist system, safety bag system and so on. In other words, 2017 Chevy Nova will be much safer than it previously used to be.

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