2017 Audi A9 Price, Concept, Specs, Top Speed

Friday, April 7th 2017. | Audi

Who does not know about Audi right? This car developer has been known to develop many important and also enhanced car design that will make the other car developer to be having serious competition. Their latest 2017 Audi A9 is another high powered car that will join the competition of high powered car engine. The specification of this car is as follow for you who want to know about it.

2017 Audi A9 Coupe Price

2017 Audi A9 Exterior and Interior Redesign

As we already know Audi has been known to be having great design in their car exterior. The same can also be said with the latest Audi A9 with their latest new body exterior design. The new body will be having improved design and also sleeker body making it more aerodynamics and stylish as well. The new headlight and rear light also improved providing the car with necessary lighting as intended.

The interior are pretty much what we can expect from the famous Audi. Their latest design are quite luxurious and also comfortable making the interior much more appealing. The new premium leather material and wood material are applied into the interior to give better nuance. The high tech features on the car interior ranges from new navigation system, dashboard, Wi-Fi and also android connectivity as well.

2017 Audi A9 Engine Specs and Changes

As the interior and exterior gain new improvement, we can also expect the same thing for the new engine. 2017 Audi A9 engine will be a more powerful twin turbo charged V8 engine that offer 4, 0 liter capabilities. This engine will then be supported with automatic eight level of transmission system for further improvement. The car itself will be using 4WD system for more precise driving.

2017 Audi A9 Price Release date and Safety Features

We all want to know the price and release date of this new car. For you who are interested in this information then you are in luck because we have some of them. The price for this car is going to be around $120.000 price tag to $140.000. The release date on the other hand, are expected to be on the spring 2017, but it can still be delayed to 2018.

2017 Audi A9 Price

Information regarding the safety features of this car is pretty standard. Audi will be installing several new safety features for this car. Some important and also improved features will be range from passenger and driver airbag for safety precautions. And of course, parking assist system. These safety features is improved making the new 2017 Audi A9 much safer and reliable if compared with other car.

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