2016 Toyota Celica GT Price and Specs

Wednesday, September 14th 2016. | Toyota

After being silent for so long, now Toyota finally releases the official information about 2016 Toyota Celica. This car has been rumored of making comeback.

2016 Toyota Celica Supra Price

2016 Toyota Celica will be ready to dominate the automobile market by the end of this year. After having rumor of making great coming back, Toyota decided to release official statement. Since its predecessor is already a great vehicle, this version is surrounded with many expectations from its fans. The loyal customers of automobile products from Toyota are excitedly waiting for the car release.

The rumor of this series has been around for few years after its former generation is released. Several spy photos are captured images that are suspected to be this version. Based on the spy photos, nothing much can be told from its specification. Fortunately, the official information released by Toyota gives sufficient specification about how it is going to be.

2016 Toyota Celica Design

The previous version of 2016 Toyota Celica attracts its customer from its enchanting exterior looks. The current version combines sporty design with elegant touch on the exterior. Since the 2012 version is already having impressive appearance, this car is only getting minor changes. However, the exterior design seems able to satisfy its costumers for luxurious sporty vehicle.

Toyota adopted elegant crimson from its previous model as its exterior color. The radiator grill is hidden between the bumpers while the company logo is spotted on the end of its hood. The aerodynamic design can easily be identified on the hood and both of its sides. As it goes with any luxurious sport car, aerodynamic design is a big deal on car exterior.

2016 Toyota Celica Interior

The sporty design of 2016 Toyota Celica exterior can also be found in the inside. As it goes with the exterior, the cabin incorporates the same color theme. The crimson color theme is used in the upholstering, steering wheel, dashboard, and doors. Both seats on the cabin uses racing seat model to complete its entire sporty design.

Despite majority of its design is adopted from the previous model, it is equipped with completely different features. The manufacturer gives serious upgrade and completes it with new technology to make its passengers feel comfortable. Advance navigation system and high quality speaker is smartly placed on the dashboard.

2016 Toyota Celica Engine

Toyota seems to think that the amazing design of 2016 Toyota Celica is not enough to impress its customers. Formerly, this 2016 car is rumored to use engine with volume of 4 liter. However, Toyota confirms that it is using 3.8 liter of capacity. Despite it is less than what it is predicted, the V6 engine of this sporty vehicle cannot be underestimated.

2016 Toyota Celica GTS

The brilliant engine configuration implemented on it allows the engine to supply up to 310 horsepower. For a sport car, this power is more than enough to conquer city’s road easily. Compared to other vehicle on the same class, the engine used in it is definitely more superior. Due to its powerful engine configuration, it is able to give trustworthy performance.

Great design and engine specification are followed by reasonable price. Although Toyota has not release the official price, some automobile experts expect it would be around $30,000. Its customers need to be patient since Toyota still silent about the release date of 2016 Toyota Celica.