2016 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Concept

Sunday, October 23rd 2016. | Ford, Sedans

2016 Ford Thunderbird is released sooner than the prediction of the most automobile experts. Ford plans to release it this year.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Concept

2016 Ford Thunderbird is the one of the latest model manufactured by Ford with distinctive flagship models. Previously, the flagship models have been manufactured up to 11 generation before this model is announced. Ford decided to take drastic measure by stopping the production of those lines of model and start a new brand. Despite the previous generations are able to achieve success, Ford ambitiously believes that it will exceed their success.

Due to this decision, many automobile experts predicted that it would take longer time for Ford to manufacture new brand. The manufacturer also gave official statement that the model will be released on several years later. However, the latest official statement by manufacturer said otherwise. The sedan car is ready and it will be released in the near future.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Exterior and Interior

Since the automaker left its previous generation away, the production of 2016 Ford Thunderbird is more like starting new project. Instead of redesigning or improving from the latest generation, they create new car layout without ignoring its trademark platform. Despite a brand new model, several signature design of Ford still can be spotted on its exterior. The production section decided to manufacture coupe model as an alternative from two-door vehicle as it goes with previous generations.

Compared to its predecessor, this model comes with wheelbase extension that gives extra dimension. Since the wheelbase is longer, the front tires are located further than it should be. Even for a coupe model, the car has the elegance of vintage design from 80s. Ford targeted people who love the design of old brand that is equipped with modern feature.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Interior

Despite the exterior design of 2016 Ford Thunderbird has been officially released to public, the interior is completely different story. There is nothing much can be mentioned since official release or spy shot related to its interior is currently unavailable. Despite there is not much information, the exterior dimension gives extra hint about how it is going to be. The bigger exterior dimension gives extra room for its interior.

If we make a comparison to the previous model, it should be natural if this version has roomier interior space. Generous interior space only means that the cabin will be more comfortable for the passengers. Since the car is released in fierce competition of cabin feature, high technology features might be added in the interior. Of course, the car will maintain its distinctive Ford infotainment system and basic features.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Powertrain

There are several candidate of engine specification that will be used in 2016 Ford Thunderbird. The latest information about its powertrain mentions that it will be using 4.0 liter of AJ-26 V8 engine. It is able to produce up to 252 horsepower with torque of 267 lb-ft. The engine specification seems completed with standard automatic transmission system with five levels of speed.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

Ford confirms that the release date for this model will take place during the last 2016. Despite the confirmed release date, its price tag is not mentioned. Some experts calculate that price tag between $30,000 and $50,000 is realistic assumption for the price of 2016 Ford Thunderbird.