2016 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Price

Wednesday, October 19th 2016. | Ford, Pickup Trucks

There will be a pickup truck that is impatiently anticipated by the Ford lovers. This beast is going to release this year with the name 2016 Ford Ranger.

2016 Ford Ranger Wildtrack

2016 Ford Ranger is on its way to have a new breath. Ford Rangers has seen so many generations. Since 1983, this pickup has become one of the most loved pickups. There are so many modifications and facelifts since its debut. Moreover, it is still in production line and seems to be an icon of durability and stability.

As for this 2016 series, Ford is still working on their 2016 version. This version will be a modernity benchmark in its levels. It will look sportier, stylish, sleeker, and with boosted performance. It is a comeback that’s awaited by the pickup fans around the world.

The Body Appearance of 2016 Ford Ranger

There are lots of new feature which will be pushed into new 2016 Ford Ranger. From the exterior, you can expect a more aggressive and rugged appearance. There will be aluminum and high resistant steel to adore the exterior panel. These are for beauty as well as for the weight reducing attempt.

The new model is also wider and longer than the existing ones. This pickup will have grille and bumper which all of them are newly designed. There will also LED lighting for the headlight and taillight for sharper vision and energy efficiency. The luggage is more spacious with 1000 pounds max capacity. You can also expect widening of the wheelbase.

2016 Ford Ranger Interior

In the interior side of 2016 Ford Ranger, there will be overall redesign. It surely has more spacious, luxurious, and comfortable cabin compared to the existing models. Legroom and headroom will be roomier. The front seats are electronically featured and equipped with display screens at each its back.

You can also expect the features like phone charger, satellite navigation, traffic control feature, air conditioning system, climate control system and up-to-date entertainment system. There are also rear camera features to assist your parking. The security and safety system will be 5 star graded.

The Engine and Price of 2016 Ford Ranger

From under the hood, there will be 3 engine options available for 2016 Ford Ranger. As the first option, you can have the powerful performance with 3.2 liters, 5 cylinder, TDCi engine capable of bursting 197 HP. The max torque for this engine is 470 Nm. This will be 18 percent fuel-efficient than the existing engine.

The second option is a diesel engine: a TDCi Duratorq 2.2 liter which is capable of 158 HP and it has 385 Nm of torque. This also has good fuel efficiency, cutting the full consumption up to 22%. The third version will be a 2.5 liter Duratec petrol engine, direct injection fuel system. This engine will give you 163 HP and it has 225 Nm torque. There will be six-speed automatic transmission for all engine versions.

2016 Ford Ranger Raptor

As about the price, there will be expected price around $20.000 for the most basic gasoline engine version, and it reaches up to $50000 for XL Plus diesel engine model. Though the American price cannot be confirmed yet, the Australian price (in Australian Dollar) is already in the showrooms.

You can have the XLT 2WD type with $46.690, while the 4WD costs $52.390. The price of manual transmission version of Ford Ranger Wildtrak is $52.390 and the automatic one is about $57.890. So, are you ready to get some fun and power with this 2016 Ford Ranger?