2016 Dodge Dakota Price and Review

Monday, October 3rd 2016. | Dodge, Pickup Trucks

Pickup vehicle comes into prominent era today and 2016 Dodge Dakota will attract many customers on the market. People see pickup not only as the utility, but also lifestyle.

2016 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab

2016 Dodge Dakota is new pickup initially released by Dodge as fourth generation. In 1986, Dakota was officially introduced on market as mid-size pickup with capability for towing and loading stuff. This car becomes popular as police or fire brigade vehicle. In 2011, manufacturer decided to stop production of Dakota as the effect of sales decline.

Some concepts based on third generation have been showed to public, but there is no official announcement from Dodge. Automotive fans are eager to know what Dakota will look like for new generation. In spite of uncertainty, analysts predict 2017 or 2018 will be the time when Dodge speaks up about this pickup

2016 Dodge Dakota Exterior and Interior

2016 Dodge Dakota has new exterior to match with customer demand. Regular cab with single-row seat is discontinued and replaced by crew and double cab. Crew cab has two doors on the left and right side of this 2016 car. Double cab is extended version of regular cab with space behind the main seat.

2016 Dodge Dakota Interior

Front grille will use iconic Dodge shape with manufacturer emblem. Head and rear lamp are LED to improve visibility and safety during off road or outdoor driving. The backside is similar to L200, which share the same platform with Dakota. Its design gets improvement compared to previous model and Dodge offers several trim levels.

As new pickup, the interior will get many alterations. High quality leather will make sitting more comfortable, particularly on long journey. This car is equipped with advanced technology such as navigation, internet connection, Bluetooth, weather control, and entertainment system.

2016 Dodge Dakota changes the classic pickup into completely fresh and sophisticated vehicle. Each of indicators is designed to provide reliable information. There are fuel, speedometer, engine status, and tire pressure system. Therefore, Dakota has everything you need in single pickup.

2016 Dodge Dakota engine

Rumor said that 2016 Dodge Dakota would use Mitsubishi L200 or Jeep Wrangler. If this information is reliable, the engine might be lower than predecessor. Third generation had engine capacity of 3.7 and 4.7 liter. However, recent L200 has engine capacity of 2.4 liter.

If Dakota shares platform with Jeep Wrangler, the engine capacity might be 2.8 or 3.8 liter. Both L200 and Wrangler have pros and cons, so Dodge should be aware about customer view in this area. The engine will be available in two type, gasoline and diesel. For powertrain, Dakota expects to exhaust more than 250 to 300 horsepower.

2016 Dodge Dakota Sport

As mid-size pickup, the power plays a major role but it is not the most important point. Handling is what make pickup reliable to do many works. Forthcoming Dakota will compete with many vehicles in the same class and overlapping category. Customers consider performance as the key to select right pickup.

Other technical specs are all-wheel drive, six to seven speed transmission, anti-lock brake system, cruise control, safety equipment, and high-durable wheel. People want Dakota to be more efficient for fuel consumption.

Even though this car is still in uncertainty, you can estimate how much money need to pay to bring this car home. As mid-size pickup, initial price starts at $60,000. The price may goes up as result of new features and several refinements. You need to wait until Dodge introduces 2016 Dodge Dakota.