2016 Chevy Nova SS Concept and Review

Saturday, September 24th 2016. | Chevrolet

Chevy Nova has charmed so many generations. There will be an overall comeback for this legendary car, 2016 Chevy Nova.

2016 Chevy Nova Concept

2016 Chevy Nova is a modern legend. If you want to ride that is somewhere between modern and classic, then this Nova is yours. In 2016, Chevy Nova will have all the face lift. There will be an entirely new options and styles. This beauty will be in the form of coupe sport car which would wet all the fans of American sport car.

The Specs of 2016 Chevy Nova

2016 Chevy Nova is going to be released in five versions, ranging from 2016 base model to Chevy Nova convertible. The Nova coupe will be equipped with a traditional V6, 3.8 liter engine which capable of kicking 205 horsepower. It gives the good 21 mpg (mile per gallon) in the city area, and 32 mpg on the highway.

2016 Chevy Nova SS

This engine will be managed by 5-speed manual transmission plus an overdrive. There is also a 4-speed transmission and overdrive as the optional offer. The Convertible model will be powered with V8, 5.7 liter custom engine which could burst 315 horsepower. This beauty beast will give you 19 mpg when you drive in the city and around 27 mpg on highway. There are also other choices: a customary 6-speed manual transmission plus an overdrive and an optional 4-speed transmission plus overdrive.

Looking at the exterior, you will see the charm of so many generations of Chevy Nova is still subtly embedded in the body. The classic style of 60’s American muscle car can still be felt. And with 2016 Chevy Nova version, the aura is blended with the modern look. There will be masculine beauty from the handsome sport 21” wheels.

The custom front bumper and shaker hood are simply gorgeous. The modern touches of LED flip signals combined with “angel eye” headlights are the treat from the front view. Meanwhile, the rear is increasingly macho with LED taillights, Magna Flow exhaust silencer, veneers, air extractor wings, custom graphic, and custom rear spoiler.

2016 Chevy Nova’s Features and Price

Some of you may want something more powerful than the powerful 2016 Chevy Nova. You want the faster Nova, than the ‘common’ Nova, right? You may also want something unique than the ‘average’ Nova. Well, there will be the special offers to that wishes. You can revamp your engine with a Magnuson supercharger. You can also order coil-over suspension, chassis bracing, and even a single double turbo. As for the color, there will be black stripped with gold trimming.

2016 Chevy Nova Interior

Now, maybe you have the aspiration to buy this beasty beauty, the combination of power and modern-classic design. You may wonder the release date of this Chevrolet Nova. Here is good news for you. The new version of Chevy Nova will be produced in 2016 and this great car comes with a price. The price tag of this coupe is $49.500.

Considering the look, value, and the performance, the price is really affordable for almost all of the sport car enthusiasts. With the price, you not only have a gorgeous modern classic car, but you have also become the part of a living legend in car history. Yes, it is the beautiful 2016 Chevy Nova.

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