2016 Buick Grand National GNX Price

Friday, September 9th 2016. | Buick, Sedans

Fitting for its name, Grand National is like the national icon of Buick. This year, the latest 2016 Buick Grand National will leave the whole market trembled in awe.

2016 Buick Grand National Price

2016 Buick Grand National will become the icon of luxury sport car on the market. To Buick, Grand National is the icon of Buick itself for decades, although the series was discontinued in the 80’s. After approximately 30 years of hiatus, this series is about to make another appearance. As the way it has always been, Grand National will blast the market and fans of luxury sport cars soon.

What to Expect from 2016 Buick Grand National

Buick is an automotive company that became the stepping stone of General Motors, an association of many car companies. Since its establishment until now, Buick takes part in General Motors as a brand which sells prestigious and premium cars. Grand National was the pinnacle of Buick’s luxury sport car, made its debut in America’s prestigious NASCAR in 1982. After that, it was almost as if Grand National disappeared from the face of the earth for almost 30 years.

Indeed, the news about the revival of Grand National could be considered a major surprise among fans. It is estimated that the release date will be around the second quarter this year. But rumors tell that the release date might be delayed to 2017. Regardless, Buick is more than ready to revive this series as the 2016 Buick Grand National regardless of when.

2016 Buick Grand National Interior

Obviously, the latest Grand National returns to its root as a luxury sport car. It will most likely utilize a fresh, modern body design with amazing aerodynamic and aggressive outlook compared to its predecessor. Coming in two sedan versions, the GNX version will be considered the premium version of 2016 Buick Grand National.

2016 Buick Grand National, the Trump Card

However, Buick apparently loves to hide secrets. Many details regarding its interior, specs, and features remain hidden from the audiences. It is assumed, however, that the latest Grand National will follow the high-tech specs and features. Faithful in its predecessor, it will also elevate the previous luxurious interior of Grand National up to eleven.

As previously mentioned, the 2016 Buick Grand National will come in two versions: 2-doors coupe and 4-doors sedan. While the 2-doors version is something new, the 4-doors sedan version, known as Regal, will appear once again. Inspired by Cadillac CTS, the GNX will be a coupe with plenty of premium touches.

2016 Buick Grand National GNX

Despite being a luxurious sport car, the latest Grand National will supposedly utilize monstrous engine. A V6 engine with minimum power of 300 horsepower will be the minimum spec for the engine. While it remains unknown whether it will have automatic or manual transmission, Grand National will definitely possess six gears transmission. Powerful torque in the rear might make Grand National a RWD, but the AWD is not out of option either.

The interior of this 2016 car will be a massive surprise to the fans. One can guess that luxurious leather surface will coat the whole interior of Grand National.  It will be a wide vehicle on the inside, packed with LED taillights and most likely the latest Xenon headlights.

Both versions of Grand National will surface with the price of US$35,000. As for the premium GNX version, it will be a costly model with US$60,000 price tag. The trump card of Buick is about to make appearance with secrets waiting to be revealed, however. Definitely, fans or not, people will anxiously await the arrival of 2016 Buick Grand National.