2016 BMW M8 Price and Specs

Friday, September 9th 2016. | BMW, Sports Cars

Supercar and sport car is the unique market because every car has its own fan. To expand market in this segment, 2016 BMW M8 is ready to enter factory and come into customer’s garage.

2016 BMW M8 Pictures

2016 BMW M8 will be the biggest change for German manufacturer in the design approach. BMW produces luxury and sport car, but still in old design. BMW i8 might be the most revolutionary design from BMW, but it is still not enough to attract sport car market. The i8 is plug-in hybrid vehicle

, so it competes in different segment.

Manufacturer does not want to leave behind the competitor in sport market that always update and release the futuristic car. M8 acts as calling card for BMW to enter new era of sport car. Advanced design, high-performance engine, and sophisticated instrument will be this car’s weapon.

2016 BMW M8 Design

From the outside, 2016 BMW M8 adopts what sport car should look like, particularly at backside. This 2016 car was launched as celebration of 100th BMW on market. Since its fans and customers want something new and fresh, then BMW gives those things to them.

Front side of the car is lower and it is slightly smaller than the conventional design. This style is popular in supercar to obtain high speed in less time. Moreover, the wheel is specifically designed to handle the high-rotary process. Most important thing is BMW iconic emblem which look the same from time to time.

2016 BMW M8 Interior

Even though this car is still in concept and not in production, analysts predict what cabin looks like. Two seats are available with comfortable cover and ultimate safety system. Handling and steering is designed in carbon fiber and soundproof in all over the car wall. BMW has target to reduce weight of this supercar with lighter material to build.

2016 BMW M8 is equipped with sophisticated panels. Touchscreen display is the common instrument for supercar. Driver can see what situation around car and street, including blind spot. Besides high-speed driving, this car has some sensors to prevent collision or traffic accident

2016 BMW M8 Engine and Performance

The most common question when new car enters market is about engine specifications. Manufacturer intends to use 4.4 liter V8 that exhausts more than 600 horsepower. Rumor said the power of 2016 BMW M8 would be 650 horsepower. It is usual property for supercar because customers in this segment concern more about performance.

2016 BMW M8 Price

After knowing the engine capacity, the other good information is about the top speed of the car. Driver takes 3 seconds to reach 100 km/h from zero point which is very excellent record compared to other competitors. It is supercar and speed surely is the key factor to attract more customers.

This car expects to get nine-speed transmission in automatic mode to increase acceleration time. Top speed might be around 200 miles and there is still potential to enhance. This car is still on development to make the better result than predecessor and competitor. Until now, automotive fans still estimate when this car will put into production.

Furthermore, supercar is not a vehicle with affordable price which you can buy easily at BMW dealer. Based on comparison between this car and potential competitors, you can predict its initial price. For customer, $200,000 to $300,000 will be initial price range of M8 and it will be more or less depends on exchange rate. Therefore, BMW understands how to fulfill supercar market with 2016 BMW M8.